6 helpful ways to survive a public tantrum

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Drew Barrymore dealing with tantrums

Ah, toddler tantrums. They happen to all parents, even celebs. Drew Barrymore just won our parenting hearts after sharing some photos of daughter Olive having a massive public tantrum at Disney World. Yep, a toddler meltdown at the happiest place on earth … and the most public!

Instead of losing your own cool or feeling utterly embarrassed, here are 6 helpful ways to tackle a public tantrum next time your own toddler goes full Olive in public.

1. Keep it together

The idea here is to look like a swan gliding across the lake of parenthood, even if you’re losing it under the surface. Stay calm (or pretend to), move slowly (with purpose) and try keeping quiet.

If you need to talk to your toddler, use your best even-tempered voice.

2. Ignore your kid (in a caring way)

Your toddler is kicking, screaming and turning the colour of an aubergine. Although this might be alarming (eggplants aren’t usually associated with healthy complexions), another technique is to ignore your toddler. Turn away and don’t speak to them until the tantrum runs out of steam.

Obviously keep tabs on your kid, but do it in stealth mode.

3. Ignore other people (they had it coming)

If people are staring at you like you’re the worst parent in the solar system, or they’re giving your toddler looks so dirty you could make mud pies with them, try not to let it affect you. Ignore the stare bears and remind yourself that tantrums are a natural part of toddler life and all this shall pass.

Soon, hopefully.

4. Wait it out

Speaking of time passing, the average tantrum lasts four minutes in juniors aged two to three, so another idea is to sit tight and count to 240 in your head.

5. Evacuate! Evacuate!

If things get really bad, then pick up your writhing bundle of tears and head for home. A change of scene and the promise of a familiar environment might distract your toddler and diffuse the tantrum.

Fingers, toes and house keys crossed.

6. Pretend you’re Drew Barrymore

toddler tantrum disneyland drew barrymoreTake a deep breath and channel your inner Drew, because this Hollywood star has some pretty good ideas for handling her two and four-year-old daughters’ tantrums (hi Frankie and Olive!).

Drew tells Late Night host Seth Meyers that her duo’s tantrums come “at the most interesting times”.

Drew likes to flit between caring mum and tough love mum when tantrums strike, but we like this approach the best,

Wait until your toddler has dropped to the ground in full meltdown mode, then get a photo of you both. The more dramatic, the better, so cast your eyes skyward and reach out in mock horror.

Then go on a chat show and talk it out. You know, if you get the opportunity.

And to make things easier at home and away, we’ve got more tips to help you raise a toddler and survive a tantrum.

May the Drew be with you!

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