7 household items that are ready-made baby toys

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toddler cardboard box

Sometimes the simple things really are the best. Like blowing raspberries on bubba’s tummy, playing peek-a-boo and discovering that your tired Tupperware collection is actually the best toy range ever!

You see, love don’t cost a thing and playtime needn’t either with the help of some simple stuff, like saucepans, spoons and a stack of (hopefully clean) laundry.

Here are 7 household items that are ready-made baby toys.

1. Pots and pans

Flip a pot upside down for drumming, hand over two lids for clanging and the neighbours will love you (well, not really, but your bub will have a great time making noise, shortly before the fun police arrive!).

2. Kitchen utensils

Things like potato mashers, whisks, spatulas and spoons (including measuring spoons) are impressively entertaining for babies and make great toys. With different shapes and textures (metal, silicon and wood, oh yay!) these things are fun to inspect, wave around and tap on stuff. Like saucepans.

3. Cleaning equipment

Kids are never too young to learn the art of domesticity (ok, a newborn might be too young …) so if your baby is interested in trying out a cleaning rag or dustpan and brush, then foster that relationship! A vacuum is also intriguing for a baby – the only catch being that it involves you doing the housework. Of course, cleaning chemicals are a no go zone.

4. Plastic water bottle

Whether the bottle is half empty, half full or somewhere on either side, a water bottle is a glorious baby toy. Bubs can shake, rattle and roll it, especially if you go all superstar on them and add sensory play items, like dry pasta, pom poms and dice. Just make sure the lid is on real tight.

5. Cardboard box

If you’re feeling keen, there are stacks of ingenious baby toys to be made out of a cardboard box. If you’re feeling exhausted (it’s called the ‘Baby Effect’) then keep things easy and hand your cherub a box to hide in, pop out of and repeat. Hours of entertainment right there.

The box doesn’t have to be big, either. A tissue box is great for ‘posting’ stuff in, like little hands and Mum’s car keys. Ditto for cardboard tubes.

6. Plastic cups

News flash! Cups aren’t just for drinking. They’re also great for stacking, pouring, pushing, sorting and patting. Plus, you can stick your hands in them and do the robot dance. Oops, we mean your baby can do that. And why stop at cups? Give tikes full access to your Tupperware stash and they’ll love you forever.

7. Washing

Now, where’s Mrs Tiggy-Winkle when you need her? Babies love riding in the laundry basket, crawling in washing and putting Dad’s boxers on their head, so pile up a load of freshly dried clothing and watch them go to town with it. Good luck getting it all folded.

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