21 baby names with the Z factor

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cool baby names with Z

Z might get last billing in the alphabet, but this letter leads the way for hip and happening baby names.

Whether you put Z up-front, in the middle or at the end of a moniker (we’re looking at you, Zoe, Enzo and Cruz), the 26th letter adds a buzz to bubba’s birth certificate.

Here are 21 of our favourite baby names that contain Z. It’s time to learn your A, B, Zs!

Azalea: Think pink with this botanical name for a little girl. And if you want to bump the Z up a spot, then Zinnia is another sweet floral choice.

Charlize: The feminine version of Charles, this name gets a celebrity nod thanks to Charlize Theron.

Cruz: This unisex Spanish name means ‘cross’ and it’s got some fans in sports stars David Beckham and Lleyton Hewitt, who both called their sons Cruz.

Enzo: This Italian boy’s name has a dashing sound, just like Enzo Ferrari’s luxe supercar. Zippity doo da!

Eliza: Based on Elizabeth, Eliza is a royal name with a likeable touch. Liza is lovely too, so take your pick for a petite princess.

Hazel: There was an intake of breath when Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel, but this nature name twigged for Emily Blunt too, and it has an outdoorsy, old world charm that’s hard to knock.

MacKenzie: Hey boy, hey girl, here’s a Scottish name that’s more common for lassies than laddies. Another unisex option is Kenzie (or Kenzi) and for a strong and stylish son, try Kenzo for size.

Lorenzo: This male moniker gives Laurence an Italian flavour. Serve it up for some baby naming pizzazz (hey, ‘pizzazz’ has four Zs!)

Suzanne: There’s a French fragrance in the air with this name meaning ‘lily’. Suzy is a friendly shortening.

Zachary: This boy’s name has been consistently popular, and although it dropped down a peg in the last ‘Top 100 Boy’s Names’ list, it’s still sitting at No. 68. For some short and neat alternatives, consider Zac, Zak or Zach.

Zadie: Adding some zest to Sadie, this girl’s name means ‘princess’ and was garnering attention way back in the 1880s.

Zahara: Angelina Jolie likes boys’ names ending in X (howdy Maddox, Pax and Knox) but there’s a Z in there for the star’s daughter, Zahara (which means ‘to shine’). Zara is a chic, Sarah-style alternative.

Zander: An alternative to Xander and a short form of Alexander, Zander has a strong, indie bent.

Zane: This Z name is on the up, and parents of boys can pick and choose with the spelling – Zayne, Zayn and Zain are all fair game too.

Zeb: A bit more approachable than its longer forms, Zebediah and Zebulon, Zeb has that chilled out vibe you get from Seb.

Zeke: Short for the Biblical name, Ezekiel, Zeke stands on its own as a mighty option for boys.

Zia: This name sounds like the crowd-pleaser, Mia, and means ‘aunt’ in Italian! For a unique boy’s moniker, Ziyah is worth a thought.

Ziggy: In tune with Ziggy Stardust and Ziggy Marley, this musical boy’s name is actually German in origin and related to Siegfried and Sigmund. You learn something every day!

Zoe: This feminine name means ‘life’ and is a firm favourite with parents. The only question is, do you go with Zoe, Zoey, Zooey or wrestle with those darn dots and choose Zoë?

Zofia: Not to be confused with Sofia (ok, very likely to be confused with Sofia), this girl’s name means ‘wisdom’ too.

Zola: With roots in Africa, this mostly girl’s name is a not-so-common surname/first name.

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