The birth photographer discriminating against C-sections

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cesarean - section birth photo

This goes out to all the ladies who’ve had a baby (or are about to): You are incredible! You are capable of anything! And it doesn’t matter how birth happens – you are an amazing woman!

Now hold those thoughts as you read about an exchange between a mum-to-be and a birth photographer. The screenshot below has attracted plenty of attention on Facebook after the unnamed photographer refused to capture the woman’s birth once they realised it would be a Caesarean.

With slights like, “A surgery isn’t birth, dear” and “If I were you I would think twice about starting [motherhood] by cutting corners,” the idea of ‘professional courtesy’ whizzes out the window with the photographer’s not-so-nice words.

However, if there’s a time for the phrase, “don’t let the meanies get you down,” then this is it!

The expectant mum is kind enough to wish the photographer a “nice day” despite the C-section discrimination and she’s not alone in seeing the good in life.

Positive thoughts

With almost 3,000 comments on the Facebook post, the community has rallied around the mum-to-be and shown their support for her and the birthing process – no matter how a baby arrives:

Anjali Sharma says, “Conceiving is a miracle in itself … birthing (any way possible to get a baby into this world healthy, safely and happily) is a double miracle.”

“Motherhood isn’t about how you bring the child into the world” adds Maigan Shook, “It’s about how you raise your child, share a growing bond with your child, and put in the infinite hours it takes to care for another human being.”

And proving that one photographer does not speak for others, Liz Jennings says, “As a birth photographer, this makes me so sad and upset. The Caesareans that I had the PRIVILEGE of shooting were some of my most favourite images ever.”

Birth is an awe-inspiring achievement and the start of a wondrous journey between parent and child, no matter how baby arrives. Whether you have a planned C-section or an emergency one, give birth at home with a doula, crown with a team of medical experts by your side or labour in a creek for millions to see, your body is bringing forth life and you are awesome.

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