All births are beautiful… and these photos prove it!

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selena rollason birth photo caesarian

Giving birth is an experience like no other. Filled with raw emotion and physical strain, delivering a baby is a life-changing moment that shows just how amazing the female body is, no matter how your baby is born.

So after a birth photographer apparently slammed a mum for having a C-section instead of a natural birth, we asked Australia’s top birth photographer Selena Rollason to share some of her favourite images with us to debunk the idea that some births are more equal than others.

Selena says birth photography is “beautiful, gorgeous, positive and empowering”, whether the baby is born naturally or by C-section.

selena rollason birth photo caesarian

Selena, who has had two Caesarean deliveries, says that taking photos of other women’s C-sections actually helps her process what happened with her own births. She says “the family moments, the tears, the joy and the emotion” is the focus, not the way baby arrived.

“Birth is a life-changing moment. You remember the day you got married and you remember the day you give birth. It’s a fundamental moment in life,” she tells Mum’s Grapevine.

Amazing images

Speaking of love, Selena’s birth photos – caesareans, water births and natural births amongst them – are heartfelt and utterly stunning. Here are a few to share in:

A wave of contractions

selena rollason birth photo contraction

Timeline of labour

selena rollason natural birth photo timeline

The arrival of twins

selena rollason birth photo caesarian

Daddy delivery

natural birth

Wonderful water birth

selena rollason water birth photo

Whether you choose to have your birth photographed or not, giving life to a brand-new human is an incredible achievement and it’s the beginning of a wonderful life together.

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(images via Selena Rollason and AIPP)

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