15 egg-cellent cookies for little bunnies to nibble

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The Easter bunny might be keen on carrots, but the rest of us are swooning over cookies! Get some baking inspo with a selection of biscuits that are beautiful to look at, fun to bake and just plain yummy.

Here are 15 deliciously egg-cellent Easter biscuits. Nom, nom.

1. Egg-quisite

easter egg cookies

With delicate decorations and naming rights for the family, these Easter egg cookies are the masterstroke of Auntie Bea’s Bakery at Glorious Treats. Happy Easter, indeed.

2. Chic treats

tell love and party easter cookies

These modern Easter cookies from Tell Love and Party are seriously cool. Ok, not so serious, but stylish in spades. Hip, hip and hoo-ray.

3. Woodland delights

semi sweet easter bunny cookie

Tumble down the rabbit hole with this magical moss-covered bunny from Semi Sweet. Decorated with icing and coloured crumbs, bambinos will be begging to eat their greens.

4. Nesting time

easter cookies

The bird’s nest sugar cookies from About A Mom are so easy even we could make them. Just combine cookies, green icing and sugar-coated eggs and ta-da!

5. Little sweethearts

cadillac cookies easter bunny biscuits

There’s a lot to love about these heart-shaped bunny faces from Cadillac Cookies. Mwah!

6. On-trend for Easter

bakerella easter bonnet cookies

Hat’s off to Bakerella for creating these bonny Easter bonnets. Let the parade begin!

7. Bottoms up

bunny butt easter cookies

With teeny weeny marshmallow tails and cutie wutie paws, these bunny butt biscuits from Edmonds Cooking are almost too adorable to eat. Almost.

8. Wondrous watercolour

tasteetreats4u watercolour rabbit easter cookies

All pretty pastels and wishy-washy watercolour, these Easter cookies from TasTeeTreats4U are something special. Dream on, mama, dream on.

9.  Crate-load of creativity

montreal confections easter cookies bunny bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is all very nice, but a bouquet of cookies is edible! This selection from Montreal Confections is 24-carrot gold.

10. Chirpy chicks

the gold lining girl easter chick cookies

Proving that you don’t need icing to have a good cookie, these Easter chick lemon cookies from The Gold Lining Girl are totally do-able and delish to boot.

11. Pretty with pink

miss cuit miffy the rabbit easter cookie

This Miffy-style rabbit from Miss Cuit is just the sweetest thing. Those eyes! Those ears! That crumbly biscuit base! Awww …

12. Calling all choccie monsters

cincy shopper chocolate cookie dough easter eggs

These homemade chocolate chip cookie dough eggs are a no-bake Easter show-stopper. Created by Cincy Shopper, mini-mes will be requesting a chocolate-free gift after a couple of these!

13. Funny bunnies

munchkin munchies easter bunny ear cookies

Milk and bunny ears are a simple recipe for fun this Easter. Just dunk and drink, dunk and drink, thanks to this kid-friendly idea from Munchkin Munchies.

14. Surprise!

maltese easter biscuits cookies

There’s more than meets the eye with these Maltese Easter biscuits from Global Table Adventure. Also known as ‘figolli’, crack open the cookies to reveal a secret marzipan filling. Shhhh!

15. Ok, now they’re just showing off …

These Easter surprise inside cookies from La Receta de la Felicidad are i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. With sprinkles on the outside and a rainbow in the middle, there’s just one thing to say: Good luck!

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