Pixlplay turns your old phone into a retro camera for kids

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Young boy holding a camera

Most families have at least one old smart phone kicking around. Pixlplay is a genius toy that gives your old phone new life, turning it into a retro camera built just for kids.

Inspired by classic 35mm film camera design, Pixlplay is an easy-to-hold shell that fits around a smart phone and makes it function like a camera.

It’s simple to set up

The phone goes in an adjustable compartment in the Pixlplay. A clear window fitted with child-resistant latches seals in the phone and allows touch screen access. A plug fits the phone’s audio jack and connects to an external shutter button which kids can use to take photos.

Pixlplay is totally kid friendly. Inside the compartment, the phone is protected against scratches, dirt and inevitable falls on concrete.

Pixlplay camera case

The accompanying app lets kids add effects and backgrounds to their photos. For kids, it encourages active, creative play, and for adults, it makes good use of a previously useless device.

Available from Pixltoys.

Take a look at the photographic talents of this snap-happy toddler.

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