Mum-to-be gives in to pregnancy cravings with hilarious photo series

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pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy is a time to embrace your growing curves, to admit that your body is changing and to accept that it will probably be a long time before you can see your toes again.

It is also a time to admit that, no matter what you eat, you are still going to gain weight.

One mum-to-be decided to stop with the whole notion of ‘healthy eating’ and embrace her curves as well as her pregnancy cravings by eating pretty much whatever she wanted.

And her photo series, appropriately titled, Eden Eats for Two, lets us all indulge in what pregnancy cravings are all about.

‘Count blessings, not calories’

This is exactly what funny mum-to-be and US cooking host Eden Grinshpan does during her pregnancy journey. The first-time mum indulges in an array of mouthwatering meals as she awaits the arrival of her daughter.

She swaps healthy eating and portion control for indulgent sweets, treats and pretty much anything else she can fit in her mouth.

And she has the Instagram photos to prove it…

Say cheese …

Pregnant … and hungry

Erin, who is due in April with a little girl, has always been a bit of a food lover. She has her own cooking program called Eden Eats and is also a judge for Chopped Canada (Canada’s equivalent to MKR).

Although many of Eden’s meals are what a healthy eater’s nightmares are made of, there are plenty of tasty and nutritional treats, from fruit bowls to mixed greens, included in the series as well.

But focusing on the junk food is simply more fun. Because pregnancy is too short not to eat ALL the doughnuts.

They tastes better by the dozen anyway.

Ice, ice, baby

Eden isn’t fussy with her foods. As long as it satisfies her sweet and savoury tooth, then she’s pretty content.

Take this mountain of shaved ice, for example, which Eden is clearly enjoying as she cools off during a trip to Hawaii.

First comes food, then comes baby

As Eden nears her due date, she is clearly enjoying a very laid-back pregnancy.

Even with a pile of spaghetti on her growing belly, the glowing mum to be still looks great!

While most mums choose to use milestone cards to count down the pregnancy weeks, Eden’s pregnancy pictures are far more delightful. And delicious.

But her pregnancy cravings photo series isn’t designed just to make us drool. Eden’s culinary journey to motherhood also serves as an important remember for all mums-to-be – it’s okay to indulge every once and a while.

Sure, sushi, soft cheeses and champagne may be off the table, but you can still enjoy yourself… and your food.

After all, pregnancy is too short not to eat everything in sight.

A massive shout out to Eden for keeping it real and proving that a healthy pregnancy starts with a happy (well-fed) mummy!

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