23 divine pagan inspired baby names

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pagan baby names

With its roots in nature, mythology and diverse religious beliefs, paganism provides fertile ground for naming your baby.

Here are 23 pagan baby names set to become part of your family folklore.

Acantha: Hailing from ancient Greece, Acantha was the nymph loved by Apollo. It makes a beautifully unusual girl’s name and means ‘thorn’.

Aidan: Aodh is the name of a Celtic sun god (pronounced ‘ee’) but for a more accessible boy’s name, you might consider its familiar alternative – Aidan.

Alexis: This unisex name means ‘defender’ and this one stands strong in Greek culture. Other options are Alexa for girls and Alex for boys.

Anastasia: Associated with the Russian aristocracy, Anastasia has more humble ties in ancient Greece, where she was the patron saint of weavers. Meaning ‘resurrection,’ the name is a gorgeous choice for Easter and deserves its spot in our pagan baby names list.

Angus: In Irish myth, Aonghus was the god of love and youth. Fast-track to the modern day, and Angus holds its own for boys, meaning ‘one strength’.

Ariadne: This name for the Creten goddess of fertility may appeal to mums-to-be, and means ‘most holy’. A nice shortening is Ari (which works for girls and boys), while Ariana is another feminine option.

Aurora: Meaning ‘dawn’ this girl’s name is all sweetness and light. Aurora is the poetic name for the Roman goddess of sunrise and it also has associations with the Northern Lights (aka aurora borealis).

Avalon: For a touch of whimsy, this place name from Celtic myth and Arthurian legend is lovely for little ladies. It has the feel of Ava and Evelyn, and means ‘island of apples’.

Diana: Long before Princess Diana, Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, virginity (yes, really) and hunting. It’s a regal and recognisable choice for a daughter.

Strong possibilities

Evander: This boy’s name has a Nordic origin (meaning ‘bow warrior’) and a powerful presence in Greek and Roman mythology. Shorten it to Evan, and channel names like Alexander and Zander.

Gwendolen: Harking back to Welsh and Arthurian legend, this name means ‘white circle’. Merlin was married to Gwendolen, and Gwendolyn makes a spell-binding alternative. For rock star cred, go with Gwen (as in Gwen Stefani).

Leon: Leo with a Greek edge, this boy’s name means ‘lion’. It brings a wild, yet approachable, vibe to birth certificates.

Loki: This unisex name looks a little Japanese, but actually springs from Norse mythology. Loki is a shape-shifting god of mischief, so it could be a fit for cheeky monkeys.

Lysander: This Greek boy’s name means ‘liberator’ and parents are free to choose it as an alternative to Alexander.

Morgan: Delve into Welsh tradition and Arthurian fantasy with this unisex name. Morgan was a sorceress and King Arthur’s half-sister, so it’s a potent possibility.

Odin: Get the creative juices flowing with this name for the Norse god of art, culture, wisdom and law. An alternative to Aiden, it’s a mythological option for a son.

Penelope: Meaning ‘weaver’, this Greek girl’s name is both classic and modern. Kourtney Kardashian chose it for her daughter, and shortenings like Nell and Poppy are cute as pie.

Persephone: For something recognisable but fresh, how about Persephone? Daughter of the Greek god, Zeus, she was also the goddess of spring growth.

Long life, good health

Phoenix: With origins in Greece, this unisex name has that hip X at the end to make it contemporary. It symbolises rebirth and immortality, and has celebrity clout too, thanks to Joaquin and River’s surname.

Phoebe: This accessible girl’s name has it goin’ on. Meaning ‘shining one’, it’s associated with Greek mythology, the Bible and Shakespeare. Plus, Bill and Melinda Gates chose it for their daughter.

Sage: This name is a wise choice, literally. The Greeks and Romans associated the herb with wisdom and Arabic physicians recommended it for a long and healthy life.

Selene: The Greek goddess of the moon, this girl’s name definitely appears in a sophisticated light. For something different in pagan baby names, consider Zelenia.

Theon: This ancient Greek name means ‘godly’ and has gained notoriety thanks to Game of Thrones (hello Theon Greyjoy). It’s same, same but different to Theron (which means ‘hunter’) and Theo (which means ‘divine gift’).

And that’s it for our top pagan baby names. Did you find one you liked?

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