7 new emojis all parents need on their phones

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new parenting emojis

Stuck on the couch and need to tell your friends you’re feeding baby? Or that baby’s sleeping? Put it in an emoji!

Yes, an emoji! Parents will have access to 69 new emojis just right for all those curly parenting moment thanks to coding system Unicode, which takes prototype emojis and makes them a reality on our devices.

Parenting emojis

This brand spankin’ new batch of emojis includes 34 people, 13 food and beverage symbols and six animal and nature figures. However, it is the release of the parenting-friendly emojis in particular that have us mums (and parents-to-be) the most excited.

Come and count down our very favourite new parenting emojis that will make one-handed texting even easier.

The breastfeeding mum

Praise the breastfeeding lords – finally, someone has made an emoji that symbolises the fact that you have an infant attached to your boob. And that someone was London nurse Rachel Lee.

Lee designed the breastfeeding emoji to complement the bottle feeding one and it has been approved by the board of emoji masters (also known as Unicode). So now, when you are feeding your baby and a mate texts you, asking what you’re doing, you can answer with an emoji. Winning!

The spewing person

Spew is pretty much a part of life when you become a mum. Many expecting mums will enjoy several weeks of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. And, once your little one is earth side, you can expect to be cleaning up spew fairly regularly. Why? Because gastro loves to strike children.

So, the next time you have to cancel plans because your child just vomited up his breakfast, you can let your mothers’ group know with a simple emoji.

The get home now icon

Husband late again? About ready to crack (or at least crack open a bottle of wine?)? There’s an emoji for that. It’s called the “exploding head” and it pretty much represents the hours between 4pm and 7pm if you are a mum.

Simply send your husband a text with the ‘exploding head’ and he will know to hurry up and get home (and bring wine).

The other get home now icon

This new angry swearing emoji will also do the trick. Works when your toddler paints the walls with poo, when your baby bites the boob that feeds him and when there’s no milk left for breakfast. And, bonus, autocorrect won’t change this symbol to the word, “ducking”.

The shushing face

Ever wanted to let your friend know to be quiet when she arrives at your doorstep because you’ve finally managed to get the baby to sleep? Then you will love this new emoji – aptly named “shushing face”.

Shushing face is an emoji that all new parents will soon have in their frequently-used box, especially during the first weeks of regular visitors and irregular sleep patterns.

The “mombie”

Okay, so it’s actually a female zombie…but we think the resemblance to a sleep-deprived mum trying to wrangle their kids in the morning is no coincidence. Parenting emojis for the win!

The socks

One of the non-human symbols that Unicode will introduce is socks. Striped socks to be exact. Why does this relate to parents?

Because 35 per cent of our days are spent looking for our children’s missing socks. So when your husband texts you asking, “what are you doing?”, you can let him know through the power of parenting emojis that you are, once again, on the hunt for a missing sock.

The angry swearing person will probably come in handy for these situations as well.

These are only seven of the new emojis that you will soon have at your fingertips.

You will also have access to a hipster, an elf, an assortment of Asian takeaway food symbols (breastfeeding mamas be like pick up some Chinese on the way home but nothing I need to eat with chopsticks) , a hedgehog, a curling rock and a can of tinned tomatoes (because we can all use a symbol for tinned tomatoes, right?).

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