11 things to pop in the bath for your next photo shoot

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pregnancy bath photo ideas

Sorry bath salts, you’re out. Gallons of glistening glitter is officially the next best thing to put in your bath, especially if you’re pregnant and planning a maternity photo shoot.

But wait – there’s more. Because glitter is just the beginning. Have a look at some of the ways you can soak up every ounce of that pregnancy glow with these unique props to add to your bath.

Milky mumma

Pregnancy milk bath with flowers

Image via Chelsea Haworth

Milk. It does a body good. And it certainly creates an interesting effect when added to bath water. Milk baths became popular a few years ago and continue to blossom, especially with the addition of various vibrant flowers to your creamy concoction.

pregnant woman in milk bath

Image via Colorado Birth Photos

The silkiness of the milk on bare skin creates a cloudy effect that certainly highlights your growing baby bump. And, milk is known to be great for the skin, especially if experiencing itchiness or dryness. So it’s a double win!

Pregnancy milk bath with newborn twins

Image via Tiffany Burke

You can even include bubba in the photo shoot with a before-and-after recreation.

Floral and fauna

Pregnant woman in milk bath with leaves

Image via Melissa Mullins

While milk tends to be the starting ingredient needed to perfect your pregnancy bath, adding an assortment of flora and fauna from nature can brighten up your shoot even more. Anything from nature will do – roses, daisies, posies, carnations, ferns, pine cones, even leaves.

Petal power

pregnant woman in bath of flower petals

Image via Melissa Jean

Or, you can completely skip the milk and stick to a bath made entirely out of petals. Talk about a blossoming belly!

Lather with lace

pregnancy bath photo shoot ideas

Image via Jesse Salter Photography

What goes best with milk? No, it’s not cookies. It’s lace. And it seems to be one of the most popular outfits for mummas-to-be to lounge in when taking a maternity bath. The combination of the milky water, the nude flowers and the lacy attire adds a delightful ethereal effect to the image.

Bath of quackers

Pregnant woman bath with rubber ducks

Image via Melissa Mullins

Not really into lace and flowers? Release your animal instinct with a pregnancy bath shoot complete with everyone’s favourite bath mate – the classic yellow rubber duck. Add a bit of blue bath powder, don your best blue lace curtain and jump in!

Glisten with glitter

Image via Melissa Jean Photography

Release your inner unicorn with a bath so magical you can’t help but be transported to a new world. Simply dump a truckload of glitter into the bath and enjoy the most indulgent and prismatic pregnancy bath possible. Of course, you might need a regular bath afterwards to clean off the sparkly bits.

Blissful bubbles

Lisa Haydon pregnant bath

Image via Lisa Haydon

Bubbles may be a bit boring compared to a bath full of glitter, but, hey, there’s something to be said for the classic bubble bath. And the cleanup afterwards is definitely a lot easier!

Bulbous baby bump

Pregnant woman bath of christmas bulbs

Image via Melissa Jean

From bubbles to baubles, here is a festive twist on the classic bubble bath. If you’re expecting a Christmas baby, or simply looking for an excuse to pull out all of your Christmas bulbs, then why not draw a bath full of baubles?

Shimmer with stars

Pregnant woman bath of stars

Image via Melissa Mullins

Get star-struck with this unique idea, where you can sparkle in a bath filled with navy blue milk and sparkling star ornaments.  Twinkle twinkle.

Tub of treats

maternity bath photo shoot pregnant woman Froot Loops

Image via Moffatt Photography

Looking to add an element of sweetness to your photo shoot? We found the answer (and it was in the cereal aisle all along). Froot Loops. Sure, the sugary cereal may not usually have a home in your pantry, but you might enjoy adding them to your bath. And, hey, if you happen to get hungry…

Fruit of your loins

pregnancy bath photo shoot with fruit

Image via Melissa Mullins

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to pregnancy bath photo shoots. Other ideas to consider? How about diving into a tub of different coloured gemstones? Or a bath full of berries?

You may even want to up your sugar intake even more with a Skittles bath. Taste the rainbow, indeed.

Looking for more pregnancy trends to test out? Check out this Disney-inspired maternity shoot.

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