The calmest c-section birth caught on camera

gentle caesarian c-section birth video

Tranquil music. Dimmed lighting. Soft voices in the background. A perfectly peaceful newborn.

It’s not an image you usually expect from a delivery room, but it is a scene that is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the wonder that is a gentle c-section.

Behind the curtains of a natural c-section

Most women having a c-section aren’t able to watch their little one come out of the womb. Until now. Modern technology and scientific advancements are giving more and more women the chance to see the very moment their little one arrives, even if there is a curtain between them.

And we’ve got the video that shows exactly how it’s happening.

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The video, filmed at Cenfer Fertility Center in Venezuela, crushes the stereotypes surrounding caesareans and proves that all births are beautiful. All it takes is a mama-to-be and the right team of doctors.

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What we witness in the video is something known as a gentle caesarean, the next generation of c-sections where bub is guided out of the womb by a doctor (or team of doctors).

It’s the same hospital where doctors were recently captured on video delivering a breach baby via gentle caesarian.

Baby-led birthing

According to the National Institute of Health, gentle c-sections provide a more “natural approach that mimics the situation at vaginal birth”. It allows parents to watch bub being born (as the curtain is dropped) and for the baby to be transferred directly to the mother’s chest for early skin-to-skin contact.

Unlike a traditional c-section where baby is pulled out, a gentle caesarean lets bub lead the way. The process can take several minutes and bub is usually left to adjust to breathing normal air while still halfway in the womb.

gentle c-section birth video

And, as clearly demonstrated by the newborn in the video, the whole experience can be calming, tranquil and barely worth opening an eye for (raising your arm in tune with the music, on the other hand, is a must).

Wouldn’t it be great if all births were this peaceful?

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