Fidget spinner: latest toy craze a choking trap for kids

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fidget spinner choking risk warning x-ray

They’re the must-have children’s toy of the moment, but a shocking x-ray image of a fidget spinner part lodged in the throat of a young child may make you think twice about giving in to this current craze.

Fidget spinner poses serious choking hazard

fidget spinner choking risk

Designed to help children remain focused in class, fidget spinners are popping up pretty much everywhere, much to the dismay of teachers around the world. However, these seemingly harmless toys can actually be incredibly dangerous, especially if accidentally swallowed. Just ask Kelly Rose Joniec, a mum from Texas, who shared a shocking x-ray image of the bushing of a fidget spinner logged in her daughter’s chest. 

A word of caution to parents

For 10-year-old Britton Joniec, it only took a split second to accidentally swallow part of her fidget spinner and block her airway. As kids do, Britton had taken apart her spinner, putting one of the bushings in her mouth. Moments later she was turning red, drooling from the mouth and struggling to breathe. 

Kelly, Britton’s mum, heard her daughter retching in the back seat of the family car and immediately dashed to the hospital emergency room. Britton was whisked to the operating theatre to have the object – the size of a ten cent piece – removed from her oesophagus.

fidget spinner choking danger

As Kelly explains, “It was pretty scary there for a while … not only because of the initial ingestion, but then the concern about the composition and structure of the object.”

Since sharing the story two days ago, Kelly’s post has gone viral and she has reached hundreds of thousands of parents, warning them of the potential hazard these toys can pose.

fidget spinner choking risk mum warning Facebook

Choking a rising concern for children of all ages

This isn’t the first time a child’s x-ray image has sent chills down the spines of parents everywhere. Have a look at this alarming x-ray of a child choking on a grape, which shows that parents need to be vigilant about food even as children grow older.

Kids will be kids. And it only takes a split second for a child to choke. Knowing the signs of a child choking and being aware of the potential choking risks of toys and household objects can help keep your child safe. For more information, check out our video on how to help a choking child or visit Raising Children Network.

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