11 perfect presents for second time parents

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11 gift ideas for second time parents | Mum's Grapevine

It is always lovely to buy a present to celebrate a new baby. First babies are so easy to buy for, but what to buy for a second (or third…) baby? Here are 11 perfect pressies that second time parents will really appreciate!

1. Food

Don’t ever overestimate the gift of food. Being able to simply heat up a meal while juggling a hungry toddler and a newborn during the witching hour can be a sanity saver. Bonus points for providing a side of veggies or salad (or chocolate!)

2. Clothes

So you may think that the new bambino will have hand-me-downs plenty to wear, but baby clothes can still be a great gift. Especially if the new baby is a different gender or born at a different time of year.

3. Books

Board books are always a wonderful gift for a new baby and are often so loved (= chewed) by older siblings that a few new books just for baby can be a special treat. Check out new titles to avoid double ups.

4. Milestone cards

As doting first time parents, we carefully document every milestone that baby achieves. But when baby number two comes along, we can be less… diligent. Milestone cards can be a great way to capture those special moments and create a gorgeous record to look back on.

5. Offer to babysit

Offering to babysit (and actually following through!) can be a great treat for second-time parents. Whether it means that mum can spend some important one-on-one time with big brother or sister or even just shower in peace, the gift of time is precious.

6. Something handmade

In possession of some crafting skills? Put them to use and create a handmade treasure for the new baby. Not so crafty? You can always outsource to Etsy!

7. Gift cards

While gift cards tend to land at the not-so-personal end of the gifting spectrum, they are super practical. Buying a gift card for a department store or large baby store will give mum and dad the chance to stock up on any bits and pieces they need for number two.

8. Things that get washed 1000 times

Some things just aren’t great as hand-me-downs after they have been used over and over. Think face washers and baby towels that have turned to cardboard, odd little socks and anything white. New versions of these heavy use items will always be appreciated.

9. Baby shusher

A baby shusher can be a lifesaver for second-time parents. With an older sibling running around, locking yourself in the nursery to rock your newborn can be mission impossible. A little electronic shushing can help bring some sanity to the napping schedule.

10. Something to pamper mum

A gorgeous new dressing gown or a voucher for a massage (teamed with number five above!) can make a second time mum feel super special at a time when looking after herself is probably at the bottom of a long list of things she is trying to manage.

11. A feeding activity box for big brother or sister

Feeding a newborn can be a treacherous time for family relations as mum has to devote her attention to the baby. Creating a fun activity box for big brother or sister will make them feel special as well as give mum and bub some all important time to establish feeding.

 … or just ask!

There may be some things that second-time parents really need to replace or didn’t have first-time around, so sometimes it is great to just ask and make sure you give them something they really need!

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