17 incredible reasons to love being a mum

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being a mum

The love that mums have for their children is something that is hard to explain. But, on behalf of all mothers out there, we’re going to give it a shot.

Sure, you may lose yourself just a little bit (and probably your stretch mark free stomach). But, you also gain so much. Here are some of the countless positives that come from being a mum.

1. A best friend for life.

Yes, motherhood delivers you a new best friend. One who thinks you are the greatest human on the planet. One who laughs at your stupid jokes, who thinks you’re beautiful (even on make-up-free mornings) and who is always by your side (even in the toilet).

As an added bonus, she just happens to live in the same house as you.

2. Super powers

mum playing dress-ups

You become a superhero in disguise. And with the best superpowers ever – the ability to grow a human, to fix boo-boos with your touch, to scare away monsters with your voice and to live on very little sleep.

Take that, Thor.

3. Toys

You get to play with toys again.Because, let’s face it. Puzzles and play dough are awesome. Lego is even better. And the Barbies these days come with more realistic body shapes to go with their outfits!

4. More toys

Strawberry Shortcake dolls

Not only that, you get to dig out all your own old favourite playthings. Revisiting the books and toys of your childhood is all part of the fun of raising little ones.

5. The best excuse

Family dinner you’d rather pass on? High maintenance friend wants to grab drinks? Or just not  in the mood to take off your pyjamas and actually put on makeup? It’s all good – you have an excuse – the little one is sick or teething, being particularly clingy or quite possibly vomiting all over the house …

The last one works the best. No questions asked.

6. Mum buns

You get to rock the mum look without people thinking you’ve given up on life. Hair in a bun. Yoga pants. Flat shoes.

Mum fashion is comfortable, convenient and completely acceptable when you are toting around a tot.

7. A child’s eyes

You get to experience the world through your child’s eyes. This innocent view of life is so pure, powerful and contagious. It is hard not to smile when you are exploring the world with your little ones.

8. Childhood take two

mum and daughter on carnival rides

Plus, you get another chance at childhood. When you have kids, you have another chance to experience childhood again, and this time you have the knowledge that these moments are fleeting … and worth cherishing.

9. Always learning

You learn something new every single day. Because your children NEVER stop asking questions that you need to Google to find the answer to.

10. Perfection is overrated

happy mum and baby being a mum

You also learn to take the good with the bad. Life isn’t perfect. And there is no better way to learn this important lesson than by raising kids.

But the perfect moments you spend with your kids, watching them laugh, play, smile and learn, are worth every sleepless night, every cold cup of coffee, every spilled bottle of juice and every vomit-stained t-shirt.

11. Endless cuddles

No matter how hard your day is, there is always someone there to give you a cuddle. While that someone may be small, they know just how to make you feel better with a single kiss on the forehead and an “I love you mummy”.

12. Endless art

No need to buy expensive art work when you have your very own pint-sized Picasso, adorning your fridge, your walls and pretty much every other surface of the house with paintings, drawings and random bits of leftover pasta glued to a piece of cardboard.

Sure, it’s abstract art, but it comes from the heart.

13. Your own parents

You discover a newfound respect for your own parents. Because, not only did they raise children themselves (and in a time when the iPad didn’t exist), but they managed to raise you!

And, let’s face it, you probably weren’t the easiest child to bring up …

14. The little things

being a mum

You learn to appreciate the little things. Like a Saturday morning sleep-in, a hot cup of coffee and a car ride that doesn’t end in tears.

15. Emotion

You feel a sense of pride that you never thought possible.Watching your child make his own bed, compete in a cross country race or go to the toilet on his own are all so exciting that you will probably find yourself cheering (or crying).

It’s silly, yes, but it’s also incredible just how proud your kids can make you, and simply by being themselves.

16. Housework is overrated

being a mum

You gain perspective on how unimportant having a clean house really is. Nothing is more important than keeping your kids safe and happy. Even if you go through the entire day and don’t accomplish a single thing but making your kids smile, then you’ve done more than enough.

17. But you are not

You also gain perspective on just how important you are (to your kids). To your children, you are their everything, even when you feel like you’re not. You are not disposable. You are not replaceable. You are someone’s mum. And you always will be.

If this isn’t the greatest feeling on earth (and the best reason to love being a mum), then we don’t know what is.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome mums out there. Enjoy those kisses, cuddles, handmade cards and (hopefully warm, but probably cold) cups of coffee. You deserve them!

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