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They are known for their brilliant inventions (Lego, anyone) and their gorgeous design (Danish by Design, for example), but one Danish company is taking their engineering expertise to new heights with their playgrounds.

Popping up all over the world,  Monstrum playgrounds are amazing to say the least. One look at their playful masterpieces and it’s easy to see why these outdoor areas have been hailed as the best playgrounds in the world (and why we want to visit each one ASAP!).

Although the creative geniuses at Monstrum have built several playgrounds, all with the same focus on artistic and architectural quality, here are a few that we love the most.

Which one is your favourite?

Liseberg – The palace of play

Monstrum playground Lisbourne

First up we have the incredible cage of wonders in Gothenburg, Sweden.On either side of the white palace are two giant 18 foot slides.

Oh, but it gets better. Because the back of the palace features a rosebud carousel as well as a spiral staircase that leads you up to the big bridge that takes you across the waterslide ‘Flume Ride’.

Packing my bags as we speak…

Cosmos – The ultimate space odyssey

Monstrum playground cosmos

Next we have a space-themed playground that is truly out of this world. Complete with the satellite Sputnik, the launch vehicle R-7 Semyorka and moon vehicle Lunokhod 1, kids are encouraged to climb around and feel the rush of rocket exploration.

Located inside the Russian theme park VDNKh (Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva- try saying that after a bottle of wine), this space odyssey is a mini astronaut’s dream come true!

Futuroscope – The giant garden of delight

Monstrum playground futuroscope


Kristinebergs Slottspark – The kingdom of flyers and creepers

Monstrum playground kristinebeck

From giant flowers to giant insects, the next playground celebrates the fun of flying. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the park is situated next to the Kristineberg Palace.

Featuring two massive owls as well as an assortment of flying insects,

Odense Zoo – The lion’s den of discovery

Monstrum playground odense Zoo

Next we have a playground that roars with adventure. Located at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, the park brings the African Savannah to Europe with a giant lion, tall grass and an old jungle hut where children can spy on the animals.

There is also a smaller play area on the side for little jungle explorers, known as the “Gobi Desert’ which includes a castle and a little slide.

The Crooked Houses – Topsy turvy fun

Monstrum playground crooked house

Brumleby is one of Copenhagen’s iconic neighbourhoods and The Crooked Houses fit right in to the area.

In addition to exploring each house, kids can explore the bird’s nest swing and common swing set as well as roll-over bars and seesaws (not pictured). The houses themselves climbing grips on the walls, slides from the windows and balancing lanes from house to house.

The Eel and the Lighthouse – a Bermuda treasure

Monstrum playground the eel and the lighthouse

Located in Sandys, Bermuda and next to the National Museum of Bermuda sits The Eel and The Lighthouse.

The quirky playground features a giant green murray eel (which doubles as a tunnel) wrapped around a lighthouse (which doubles as steps to a massive slide).

The Spermwhale – the on-land ocean adventure

Monstrum playground the sperm whale

Sticking to the maritime motif that many of the playground feature, is the Spermwhale (no, we’re not making this name up), located in Denmark.

The inspiration comes from classic stories such as Jonas and the Whale, Moby Dick and Pinocchio. Spermwhale is fitted with ladders, stairs and other climbing possibilities.

And to exit the whale? Children can take the 2.5 meter double slide…naturally.

Monstrum playground the blue whale

Monstrum have also designed The Blue Whale playground, another marine play area with similar features to his brother, Spermwhale.

Talk about a whale of a good time!

The Towers of Copenhagen – five castles to explore

Sorry Elsa… your castle has nothing on these fortresses of fun!

The playground is inspired by five of Copenhagen’s most famous buildings: the Town Hall Tower, the tower of Our Saviour’s Church, the Round Tower, the cupola of the Marble Church and the tower of the Stock Exchange.

Each tower is hollow and ready to explore and the Round Tower includes a lookout platform where a small planetarium allows you to explore the stars.

That’s it. I’m moving to Denmark. The cold never bothered me anyway.

These are only a few of the incredible playgrounds crafted by Monstrum. Others include their haunted house, Spookitetsparken (again, not making this name up) and their iconic library playground, The Globe (above image).

They also have playgrounds based on lighthouses (below), airplanes, trains, animals of all shapes and even the alphabet.

Monstrum playground the submarine and the lighthouse

While none of their playgrounds are located in Australia (yet…come on guys!!), you can see all of these amazing outdoor areas on Facebook.

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