Toys with a powerful message about pollution

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Pollutoys Penguin

These adorable ocean critters may look like your typical cute and cuddly stuffed animals, but they are so much more. The team at Pollutoys have designed a line of children’s plushies and cards, together with Sea Shepherd, that explains just what ocean pollution is and why it has to be stopped.

The message is simple. Nine million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, killing one million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals. And it’s kids who can fix it.

8 adorable plushies to end pollution

Pollutoys walrus

To help children understand the message, each stuffed animal comes with a tummy filled with toy versions of items that you may find polluting the ocean – a balloon, a fork, a bottle, a plastic bag.

Pelican Pollutoys
The group of marine mates include Mark the Shark, Penny the Penguin, Pelle the Pelican, Darla the Dophin and Willy the Whale. Other animals in the collection into Turf the Turtle, Martha the Mantra Ray and Waldo the Walrus.

The message behind their sad expressions

Sea Shepherd toys that teach children about ocean pollution

These lovable plushies were designed in collaboration with early childhood teachers, and behind their cute faces lies a sad reality. Their stomach is full of trash: plastic bags, bottles, soda cups, straws, cutlery, balloons, caps and all the other plastic junk that animals tend to eat.

The goal of the plushie project is to raise awareness that ocean pollution needs to end. And the best target audience for this mission is the next generation – our littlest sea lovers.

What a great incentive!


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