9 pregnancy symptoms that are totally awesome

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There’s no doubt about it – pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life.  While there are a few pregnancy symptoms that give the whole experience a bit of a bad rep (ahem … we’re looking at you, cankles and morning sickness), the truth is there are plenty of positive pregnancy symptoms too.

So let’s bring on the cluckiness and count them down, shall we?

No periods

Pregnancy test pregnancy symptoms

And no PMS! Or tampons, pads and panty liners! While some women will experience light bleeding or spotting during pregnancy (especially the first trimester), you won’t have a usual visitor each month.

In fact, in most instances, there is no need to even visit the feminine product aisle for nine wonderful months! The baby aisle, on the other hand…

Bigger breasts

Breast Changes during pregnancy

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is sore, fuller breasts. And your ladies will continue to change (and grow) throughout your pregnancy, thanks to the pregnancy hormones flowing through your body.

And the even better news? Your brand new, voluptuous breasts will need plenty of pretty maternity bras. And cleavage-bearing tops, naturally.

Thicker hair

things safe to do when pregnant

During pregnancy, your hair stays in its resting phase longer and this means it stays in your head rather than falling out. This is why pregnant women enjoy thicker hair. While all that hair will fall out once bub is born, you can look forward to nine months of luscious locks.

Nicer nails

Want long, shiny nails? No need to spend a fortune on manicures. Not when you’re pregnant at least. Healthier, stronger, nails are one of the secret side-effects of pregnancy.

Glowing skin

Adding to the maternity beauty trifecta is glowing skin. And you can thank the excess hormones for this too. The increased blood flow can leave your face looking fresh and vibrant. Although, for some women, this excess of hormones can lead to an oily look, hopefully you’ll fall into the glowing mama category.

Baby kicks

Is there anything more amazing than watching your little one squirm from within? Baby kicks, hiccups, punches and flips not only make the pregnancy real, but they also provide you with hours of entertainment! You can expect to start feeling the first flutters, known as quickening, around week 16 to 25.

Intense dreams

Prepare to reach a whole new level of vivid dreams during pregnancy. Many women report that their dreams are intensely brighter, more colourful and more real than ever before. If you’re having a happy dream, then you are sure to wake up with a big smile on your face. Dreams about your new baby are common, as are sexual dreams. Big smiles, indeed.

Better sex

early pregnancy signs maternity

With all the excess oestrogen, blood and hormones pulsating through your body, it’s bound to impact your reaction to pleasure. Many women report more intense orgasms during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester. Go figure.

Heightened senses

pregnancy cravings

Image via Eden Eats for Two

It’s not just the sexy times. You can also expect your sense of smell and taste to reach superpower status. You may find that there are delicious smells everywhere you turn. And, you’re pregnant! So tasting these treats and giving in to your food cravings are pretty much expected. Dig in.


Sure, pregnancy can be a touch on the painful side. But these positive pregnancy symptoms offer a lovely balance, even when the less-than-pleasant symptoms are rife. And try to remember that every backache, every stretch mark, every trip to the toilet, is worth it in the end. Just you wait and see.

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