5 reasons having a dog is good for kids

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why children should have a dog

Kids love animals. So there’s going to come a time in your parenting life when the kids start asking for a pet. And research just in shows that when the ‘can we get a dog’ question pops up, there are some very good reasons why you should say yes!

Tick and flea treatment Bravecto quizzed hundreds of Australian dog owners and found having a dog in the family helps children feel happy, loved and safe. Dogs can even help your children grow into responsible and caring adults.

If that’s not enough to get your tail wagging, here are five other reasons why dogs are good for kids.

1. Dogs teach kids responsibility

should kids have a dog

If you give kids a chance to prove just how helpful they can be, you might just be surprised (particularly when there’s a cute pooch involved)!

More than 60 per cent of Aussie parents say helping to feed, walk and wash the family dog has taught their children responsibility, the Bravecto survey reveals. Not to mention all that extra exercise!

Incredibly, almost half of parents who have a dog even say their kids actually like picking up the dog’s poo – now that’s a life lesson right there!

2. Dogs listen to kids secrets

should kids have a dog

Children who find it difficult to express themselves are often completely comfortable sharing their feelings with the four-legged family member, especially after they’ve had a bad day.

Some children who have trouble with friends, or find the wider world overwhelming, are able to channel their emotions better through a furry friend. Dogs can help calm the chaos, and soothe the sadness. Dogs really do seem like they’re listening and kids respond to that. Half of the parents in the Bravecto survey even admit their kid would probably be lonely without the family pooch.

3. Dogs teach kids to love

reasons why kids should have a pet

Children and dogs can develop truly deep and meaningful relationships, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. “The purest love of all is the love between a dog and child,” explains Australian animal behaviourist Laura V.

“Dogs teach children such invaluable lessons in life and ultimately assist in raising them to be good, empathetic people. Dogs teach us about kindness, responsibility, trust and respect. If we let them, they make us better people.”

4. Dogs teach how rewarding it is to care for someone

reasons why children should have a dog

No matter how your child’s day has been, the family dog will always greet your little one with a wagging tail – especially if they are the one who feeds and cares for them.

“The Bravecto survey shows children often adopt the task of caring for their dog which teaches them how to care for others,” Laura says.

Kids will be hard-pressed to find a more loyal and caring companion and these qualities are something we all want our children to experience – and emulate!

5. Dogs know how to have fun!

reasons kids should have a dog

There’s nothing better than a dog to teach a child how to unplug, unwind and just have fun. Dogs are so tolerant of children’s demands – they are the ultimate play companion. The Bravecto survey reveals that out of all the comforts dogs give children, playing games comes out on top. Kids who have a dog also adore snuggling on the couch with their pets and taking them to the park.

So, if you’re on the fence about getting a dog for your child, consider the life lessons these furry companions will teach your kids and make the leap.

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