The ultimate gift guide for little Star Wars fans

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Snurk Chewbecca Duvet

There’s no need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your hands on some of the most awesome Star Wars gear this planet has ever seen.

Using our handy Star Wars gift guide you’ll be able to cook up a Dark Side-inspired snack, shower under the watchful gaze of Darth Vader (yep, that’s as creepy as it sounds) and get crafty crocheting some of the most adorable creatures in the galaxy.

Here are our picks of the best gift ideas for star wars fans.

Vader, you’re toast

Darth Vader Toaster - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

Darth Vader Toaster (US$49.99 shipping): There’s no longer any need to wonder what’s under Vader’s helmet.

Note – This is shipped from the US so you will need a power adaptor.

Crochet, you must

Star Wars crochet dolls
Star Wars Crochet Pack ($26): Crafty Jedi Masters, this adorable pack is for you – using the popular Japanese style of amigurumi, follow the instructions and you too will have these teeny tiny heroes adorning your desk.

Death star keyring

Star Wars Death Star key ring

Star Wars Death Star Keyring and Necklace Set ($50): Be just like the Rebel Alliance and hold the key to destroying the Death Star.

Luke can be your son

Star Wars Gift Guide family car stickers

Star Wars Family Car Stickers (from $3.47): Just when you thought there was no possible way sticker families could actually be cool.

‘I am your father’Darth Vader and Son Book - The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown ($16): Perhaps if Darth Vader had the chance to really parent Luke Skywalker (rather than cut his hand off and leave him for dead), this is what their days would have been like.

‘I’m also your father’

Vader's Little Princess - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

Vader’s Little Princess ($16): Don’t worry, there’s a bedtime story starring Princess Leila too.

Battle it out

Light saber thumb wrestle - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling ($13): Thumb wrestling level: epic.

Take a sleep on the Dark Side

Snurk Star Wars Doona Covers

Snurk Star Wars Quilt Covers ($159.70): And you thought Darth Vader couldn’t be warm and cuddly.

Shakespeare and Stormtroopers

if Shakespeare wrote Star Wars

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars ($17): The Star Wars story gets an iambic pentameter makeover. Feast your eyes on one of the most unique collabs in written history – Shakespeare meets Star Wars.

The best nails in the galaxy

Nail decals - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

78 Nail Decals ($5.50): Taking your love of Star Wars to the next level? Nailed it.

Death star delicious

Death Star Waffle Maker - Star Wars Gift Guide

Death Star Waffle Maker (US$39.99 + shipping): Well, this is one way to destroy the Death Star. Also comes with a US plug.

Lickable lightsaber

Lightsaber Cookbook - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Cookbook ($23): Young Jedi, you’re about to get a whole lot cooler.

Be cool at school, you will

Star Wars Premium Backpacks: ($49.99) Choose your side – droid or bounty hunter – and wear your heart on your … back.

Galactic bedtime battles begone

Star Wars children's bedding

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quilted Bedding (from $49): Your young Jedi will be supremely cosy with the most fabulous bedding this side of Tatooine.

He was sweet once …

Star Wars cookie cutters set of four

Star Wars Cookie Cutter Set ($9.30): Take a delicious bite out of that iconic mask. But don’t stop with Darth. Nibble on c3po, Yoda and a Wookie or two too.

Eat like a Jedi

Cutlery - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fans
Lightsaber knife and fork set ($14.95): Cut and eat your food like you are in an intergalactic battle with a lightsaber cutlery set.

The ultimate shower head

Darth Vader Shower Head - The Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars fans

Darth Vader Shower Head ($42 + shipping): He no doubt finds your level of uncleanliness disturbing.

Cute, this baby is

Etsy knitted newborn Star Wars Yoda hat

What’s not to love about a little one sporting a hand-crocheted Yoda baby hat ($41)? Nothing, we say.

For your one and only

Engagement Ring - Ultimate Gift Guide for Star Wars Fames
White Gold, Ruby and Sapphire Engagement Ring ($1895): When you have found your one and only Princess Leia she commands only the best. This Death Star engagement ring will guarantee you get a ‘Yes!’.

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