7 things that are totally okay to do when pregnant

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things safe to do when pregnant

Sure, camembert is off the menu and that scuba diving trip is on hold, but there are plenty of fun, fabulous and risk-free things you can do when you’re pregnant. And here’s a clue: One of them starts with ‘munch’ and ends with ‘chocolate’!

So, without further ado, here are seven things that are safe to do when babies on board.

1. Hair dye

things safe to do when pregnant

Surprise! Most research says that it’s okay when pregnant to use hair dye because the chemicals aren’t highly toxic. Even so, many women wait until their second trimester to colour their locks (when there’s a lower risk of any potential nasties harming their bub).

If you’re colouring your own hair, always wear gloves, leave the dye in for the shortest time possible, keep the room ventilated and put dye on your hair only (not the scalp). And vegetable dyes, like henna, are a bright idea too.

2. Exercise

things that are safe to do when pregnant

As long as no health problems prevent you from exercising, it’s safe (actually, recommended) to stay fit and active when pregnant. Gentle exercises like walking and swimming are perfecto, and the ‘talk test’ is a good guide for how hard to push yourself. In other words, if you can keep up a conversation while exercising, the intensity is alright.

Dancing is also a fun way to keep moving during pregnancy. Find the groove that’s right for you and check out this lady dancing in labour. Woah, mama!

3. Coffee

Coffee with heart STK

Morning sickness can make your double shot espresso a whole lot less appealing at 8am, but if you’re after a caffeine kick, then the experts say coffee and tea are okay when pregnant.

4. Air travel

pregnancy safe travel tips

If you’re busting for a babymoon, then the good news is that pregnant women can go on planes! The safest time to travel is during the second trimester, when you’ll hopefully have some pep in your step. It’s fine to jet off after that, but keep in mind that some airlines won’t let you fly after 35 weeks.

Have a chat with your doctor before booking the tickets, though, because high-risk pregnancies (like twins or being an older first-time mum-to-be) may put the brakes on travel plans. And avoid travelling to developing countries, because some vaccinations and illnesses, like malaria and Zika virus, are dangerous for unborn babies.

5. Chocolate

things that are safe when pregnant


As promised, chocolate is totally okay when pregnant. In fact, some researchers think a daily dose of chocolate may have a positive effect on placenta and foetal growth and development. This is because chocolate improves a mum-to-be’s blood flow, and although the results aren’t conclusive, it’s definitely food for thought. Thank you, science.

6. Driving

driving car okay when pregnant

New flash! Pregnant women can drive a car (even with a massive tum in tow). Provided you don’t have any health problems that make driving unsafe, it’s fine to nip around town and hit the open road. Just make sure you wear a seatbelt (with the lap sash over your lap and under your bump). Also, move your seat as far back from the steering wheel as is safe and comfortable. Give that bump some breathing space.

7. Sex

 sex okay when pregnant

Dim the lights and get in the mood for some one-on-one time with your partner because sex is safe and enjoyable when you’re expecting. In fact, all that extra blood pumping around the pelvic region can make things especially enjoyable

After you’re done, have a peek at our next article about what’s NOT recommended during pregnancy. Just to be on the safe side.

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