This is what midwifery looks like around the globe

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Midwives hold our hands through our pregnancies, and by the time we’ve given birth they have a piece of our hearts.

These incredible women and men guide us through some of the most difficult moments of labour – and no matter where we birth around the world, their gentle touch and wise words translate across seas and beyond borders.

Mum’s Grapevine contacted birth photographers from across the globe, and they were only too happy to share these powerful images of midwives bringing new life into the world.


midwife delivers baby Tree of Life Doula Photography

A gentle touch: A VBAC home birth in London, attended by two midwives and a doula.

(images via Tree of Life Doula Photography)

The Netherlands

Renate van Lith Photography midwife stitches woman after birth

Breakfast after birth: Holland-based photographer Renate van Lith explains, “In our small country it’s very normal to give birth at home. After she (the midwife) has helped the baby to get born she is going to stitch the mother.”

midwives birth photography

“Finally the midwife is downstairs with her assistant to give the fresh new big sister her breakfast, while they do the last administration and have a break after all the hard work.”

(images via Renate van Lith Photography)


midwives midwifery Ana Kacurin photographer

Smiles all ’round: These snapshots in time capture moments that, while fleeting, are a great example of the incredible connection between women and their midwives – it’s all in the smiles!

Ana Kacurin midwifery birth photography

(images via Ana Kacurin)

Texas, USA

A rare birth: Midwife Alexandra Wyatt helps guide a mum in Texas through a home birth.

Laura Beck Photography midwife water birth

The baby was born en caul, and Alexandra gentle removes the amniotic sac as the new mum is overcome with emotion.

(images via Laura Beck Photography)

Mamarazzi Photography midwife assists in water birth

Gentle hands: Texas photographer Jennifer Hamilton shares two beautiful birth photography moments, both demonstrating the gentle touch of a midwife during and after birth.

Mamarazzi Photography midwife births

(via Mamarazzi Photography)

Denver, USA

Monet Nicole midwife birth photography

These gentle hands extend to birthing women –  birth photographer Monet Moutrie’s stunning image ‘Touch’ captures the tranquil beauty of the moment.

(image via Monet Nicole)

The afterglow

And, as this stunning snap perfectly demonstrates, the care doesn’t end when labour does. This beautiful image was taken a few weeks after birth at the postpartum checkup.

(via Candice MacDonnell Photography)


Helga Himer Photography midwife birth photo

A primal connection: Sometimes we’re lucky enough to completely connect with our midwife, and they become the voice of reason, the distraction, the focus and everything we need to get through our hardest moments.

Helga Himer photography midwife helping mother at waterbirth

(images via Helga Himer Photography)


Kelly Jordan Photography midwife at hospital birth

Hands off: As much as midwives provide hands to hold and comfort, they also know when to stand back and let women birth their babies.

midwife watching labouring woman in hospital Kelly Jordan Photography

(images via Kelly Jordan Photography)

We are in awe of Australia’s 30,000 registered midwives, who help guide mums through birth and beyond.

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