Birth Story: 12-year-old helps deliver her baby brother

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12 year old Jacee Carraway delivers her baby brother

When 12-year-old Jacee Carraway entered her mother’s birthing suite last week, she was hoping she might get to witness her baby brother’s birth. She never imagined she’d be the one guiding him out of the womb and into the world.

But this is exactly what she did!

These heartwarming photos, shared by Nikki Smith, capture this amazing sibling moment and prove this week’s Big Sister Award clearly belongs to Jacee.

All in the family

12 year old Jacee Carraway wearing scrubs preparing for brothers birth

While most siblings are happy to wait in the comfort of home as their mothers labour in hospital, Jacee is a little more daring. The 12-year-old Mississippi schoolgirl didn’t hesitate to join her mother, Dede, in the delivery ward as the Carraway family prepared to meet their newest addition.

As Dede laboured on, Jacee remained by her mother’s side, supporting her along the way. Dr Wolfe noticed Jacee’s eagerness and asked if she would like to help him with the delivery of the baby.

12 year old Jacee Carraway cutting the cord of baby brother12 year old Jacee Carraway pulling her brother from womb with doctorJacee jumped at the chance, changing into proper medical attire and taking the lead through the entire process. This little birthing dynamo remains front and centre throughout the birth, from the crowning to the cord cutting.

Jacee’s father, Zack, managed to capture the emotional process as Jacee guides her brother, Cason, out of the womb, with Dr Wolfe helping from behind. And her face says it all!

Sister act

Jacee Carraway

The experience wasn’t just a momentous one for Jacee, but for Dede and Zack at well. Jacee has always been a doting big sister (the couple also have an 18-month-old son, Zaydn), but they never imagined she would play such a vital role in the delivery of their final baby.

“I don’t even know if there are words to describe how it felt,” Dede tells Fox News. “Never in a million years, if you would have told me 12 years ago she [Jacee] would be delivering my last born, I would have told you – you’re crazy!”

Talk about sibling love! Jacee Carraway, you’re amazing! And welcome to the world, baby Cason. It looks like the sibling bond is already unbreakable.

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