CHOICE reveals the safest high chairs (2017)

Ikea Antilop High Chair safest high chairs

We’re about to make your search for the perfect high chair a whole lot easier!

Australian consumer advocacy group CHOICE has put more than 40 high chairs to the test, to reveal which are the safest high chairs for baby, as well as the sturdiest and easiest to clean.

The list even includes models which are now discontinued, but you may still be able to pick up second-hand.

What was tested?

CHOICE says its lab reviewed the high chairs to Australian safety standards, including:

  • A side and rear stability test to see if the high chair will topple over
  • Assessing strength of construction
  • Checking for finger pinching or entrapment risks
  • Checking whether the chair comes with a five-point harness and adequate side and back protection
  • Checking whether the locking mechanisms are secure enough to prevent a child falling out

And because we know how frustrating it can be to get tiny crumbs out of high chair crevasses, CHOICE also tested how easy each chair is to clean.  Ease of cleaning makes up 30 per cent of each chair’s overall score.

Out of the 42 high chairs that made the final list, just 16 are on CHOICE’s ‘recommended’ shortlist.

Australia’s safest high chair and easiest to clean

Steelcraft Snack Time High Chair best overall high chair

Top of the pops is the Steelcraft Snack Time – for $100 it’s not just safe and a cinch to clean, it’s a pretty affordable option.

Great for six-months plus

Childcare Pod High Chair

The Childcare Pod is ranked one of the best choices for babies six months and older.

Top rated luxe option

Numa Zaar High Chair

While at the upper end of most high chair budgets, the Nuna Zaaz appears to be bang for buck – this beautifully designed chair came in at second on CHOICE’s recommended list.

Budget beater

Baby Solutions Quadro Best high chair under $50

Cheap and cheerful – tick. Safe and easy to clean – tick and tick! CHOICE ranked Baby Solutions Quadro’s budget-beating high chair in its top 10 recommended options.

Luxe high performers

When it comes to luxe high chair, the top performers are the ever-stylish Stokke Tripp Trapp, the Childcare Avante HiLo and the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3.

Other CHOICE recommended options

Some of Australia’s most popular high chairs just missed out on getting CHOICE’s stamp of recommendation, including Ikea’s Antilop ($30 – pictured at the top of the post) which still scored an impressive 64 per cent overall.

If you want to see how well your high chair stacks up against CHOICE’s lab testing, take a look at the membership packages.