Rise of the mer-mums

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pregnancy bump photo ideas pregnant mermaid

Barefoot. Pregnant. And sprouting a tail. Pregnant mer-mums are lapping up their curves and celebrating their pregnancy by donning mermaid attire and hitting the beach.

Move over glitter baths. Mermaid maternity photo shoots are making waves on beaches around the world. Proud pregnant mums are making quite the splash on social media, sharing their mermaid maternity photos with the hashtag #pregnantmermaid.

So grab your seashell bra, slide into your glittery fish tail and head on down to the water for the latest trend in magical, mystical maternity photo shoots.

Mermaid maternity photos

Pregnant woman as mermaid pregnancy photo ideas

pregnant mermaid photo

pregnancy photo ideas pregnant mermaid

We’ve got glamorous mermaids. We’ve got sun-baking mermaids. We’ve got city dwelling mermaids. We’ve got deep sea diving mermaids. We’ve even got photo recreation mermaids with mini mer-babies joining in once they enter the human realm.

Woman poses with pregnant belly and infant as mermaid

Mermaid mamas

glamour pregnancy photo shoot idea mermaid

What is it about mermaids? Well, there’s the mystical side of things. Mermaids are pretty much the unicorns of the ocean – beautiful, colourful and mysterious. And you can double that for a pregnant mermaid.

Woman holds belly on beach as a mermaid

Then there’s the whole The Little Mermaid craze, which was pretty much the best movie ever when we were growing up (and clearly still has an influence today).

And let’s not forget the whole shimmer and sparkle aspect of mermaids. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear a glittery tale, slip into a bikini made of shells and spend an afternoon splashing in the water and perching on the rocks?

Pregnant mother dressed as mermaid on rock at beach

Whatever the reason behind the pregnant mermaid trend, one thing is certain – the request to be transformed into a mer-mum is becoming more and more popular. Brazilian photographer Ulysses Padilha, admits that the request is so popular she now keeps 20 mermaid tails on hand.

Pregnant mother as mermaid with city in background

pregnancy photo shoot ideas

What do you think? Are you ready to embrace the mer-mum trend? Or is this maternity photo idea best left buried under the sea?

If you are a fan of mystical maternity photos shoots, check out the photographer transforming pregnant mums into Disney princesses.

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