11 parenting gadgets you can’t buy (but wish you could)

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mum making silly faces at baby
Every so often someone invents something for parents that just blows us away with its pure awesomeness. But for every self-rocking bassinet or cot which mimics a car ride, there are still some much-needed products that haven’t hit the shelves … yet.

And while I don’t know a thing about inventing gadgets or developing apps, I do know that there has to be an easier way to track the whereabouts of your daughter’s dummy at 2am or convince your son that there isn’t a BUMP IN HIS BLOODY SOCK.

So, to all creative geniuses out there and on behalf of all mums in need, here are a few parenting inventions that really, really, really need to happen. Like yesterday!

The dummy finder

stopping dummy baby toddler

Little one lost their dummy again? There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s not. But there should be.

We’re envisioning a GPS-device that works with your phone to track the whereabouts of all dummies and bottles (with milk still left in). No more crawling on your hands and knees in search of these lost items. Simply open the app, select the item you are trying to track, and let the app do the rest.

The in-car babysitter

newborn asleep in car

How many times have you arrived somewhere only to notice your child has fallen asleep in the car seat? There you are, faced with the dilemma of whether to wake a baby – always risky – or sit in the car and allow them to have a little snooze.

Enter the in-car babysitter, a trained professional who sits in your car with your sleeping child while you run the errands. Each parent is provided with a buzzer, which vibrates if bub wakes up, alerting you that it’s time to head back to the car.

The chameleon cup

brilliant parenting inventions

How easy would parenting become with a cup that changes colour on demand? Anytime your child complains that you gave them the wrong colour cup, simply touch the chameleon cup and it automatically changes to your child’s colour choice of the hour.

The sunscreen vitamin

sunscreen pill

Putting sunscreen on a wiggly child always poses a bit of a problem. And while roll on sunscreen and sunscreen sprays can make the task easier, let’s go one step further with a chewable pill that protects kids from the sun. Simply chew, wait 15 minutes, and you’re ready for all day outdoor play.

Hey, it could happen!

The laundry-folding-put-awayer

mum holding pile of clean washing

We have the washing machine. We have the dryer. Now we just need a machine that completes the whole ‘laundry’ process – namely a device that not only folds the clothing, but also puts it away.

A machine that also runs outside and saves the clothing on the line before a massive downpour wouldn’t go astray either. Oh … and a machine that folds fitted sheets – that can happen too.

The Drinkbit

glass of white wine

Similar to a Fitbit, the drinkbit tracks how many glasses of wine you’ve earned at the end of the day. For every tantrum your child throws in public, you get one drink. Poo explosion? That’s another drink! And serving a meal that every child actually eats without a single complaint? That deserves two glasses.

The sock bump remover

If you have school-aged kids, then you may be familiar with the “bump”, also often referred to as the “lump”. It is the thing that causes countless complaints and arguments every morning, the thing that prevents your child from putting on their shoes and the thing that accounts for why you are racing against the clock to make it to school on time every morning.

A sock bump remover would eliminate all this morning drama. I’ll take two, thanks.

The spray-on baby sock

Sticking to the theme of socks, let’s discuss the need for something that prevents infants from losing theirs. What if you could keep baby’s feet warm and protected without having to replace their socks three times a day? What if you could simply apply a spray-on sock at the beginning of each day?

Spray, let dry and bub’s feet will be protected until bath time. Then simply wash off with warm water and soap and reapply the next day. Seems doable, right?

The child whistle

whistle to call children

Dogs have them. Children need them. Every whistle would have a unique sound, only picked up by your own children, thus eliminating the chance of 20 kids clinging to your leg every time you give it a toot.

The airplane kids’ zone

Flying with a baby

Sure, airplanes are pretty strapped for space, but how about designing an aircraft that comes with a built-in kids’ club at the back, complete with games, toys, a nap area and trained staff to watch the wee ones (ball pit optional)? Especially awesome for long-haul flights, simply book your kids in for a day or half-day session and enjoy some ‘me-time’ in your assigned seat.

Please, inventive people … make this happen (and preferably before December when we make the trek from Australia to Canada)!

The Time Stopper

Kids with lolly pops on yellow background

Finally, a parenting gadget that I reckon would fly off the shelves is the time stopper – a nifty device that allows parents to stop time, to keep their children at a certain age and stage and to ensure that their wee ones NEVER grow into moody teenagers.


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