Mum records baby’s first year with monthly Disney photo shoot

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Disney princess baby photo shoot

What happens when you combine the magic of Disney princesses with the adorableness of a new baby? You get the ultimate way to document your daughter’s first year, that’s what!

A very talented mum, who also happens to be a lover of Disney, has transformed her baby daughter, Eva into a different princess for a year-long photo shoot that twinkles with wonder.

“It was a journey that I will never forget and I learned so much along the way,” Miranda Garcia explains in a Facebook post. The uber-creative super mum, who also has two older children, made all the backgrounds, wigs, props and some of the costumes herself.

What a beautiful way to commemorate the magical growth of baby’s first year. Take a look at Eva’s month-by-month evolution, from Aurora to Moana.

Month one: Sleeping Beauty

Disney princess baby photo shoot

Month two: Ariel

Disney princess baby photo shoot The Little Mermaid Ariel

Month three: Snow White

Month four: Rapunzel

Rapunzel Disney princess baby photo shoot

Month five: Pocahontas 

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Pocohontas

Month six: Cinderella

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Cinderella

Month seven: Anna 

Month eight: Merida from Brave

Month nine: Belle

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Beauty and the Beast

Month ten: Princess Jasmine

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Princess Jasmine

Month eleven: Mulan

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Mulan

Month twelve: Moana 

Miranda Kurncz Garcia Photography Moana baby Disney princess photo shoot

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