Mum uses breast milk in brownies and gives them out at school

Brownies & Milk

Run out of milk halfway through baking up a batch of brownies? Do you turn off the oven and run to the shops? Or perhaps ask your neighbour to borrow a cup of milk? Or, do you pull out your breast pump and start expressing into the mixture?

One anonymous mum opted for the latter. She then proceeded to slice up her breast milk brownies and serve them at her child’s school bake sale.

The controversial brownies have left a very bitter taste in many parents’ mouths with countless people turning to Facebook to express their concerns over the unconventional ingredient.

After serving her breast milk brownies at school, the mother innocently shared her secret ingredient with a Facebook group. As the comments poured it, the general consensus was that this ingredient swap was a little hard to digest.

“It’s like that one time I made lemonade with my urine because I ran out of water and didn’t feel like going to the store to get more. I only drink Perrier so they were getting, like, the best urine ever. I don’t know why everyone was so mad about it.” one mum said.

Sure, breast milk and brownies may mix… but not when you are serving them to strangers. Add the fact that these people were not aware that breast milk was a key ingredient, and, well, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

So, mums and dads, what have we learned? Next time there’s a school bake sale and you run out of milk, perhaps take the extra five minutes to drive to the shops. And save your special breast milk brownies for a less social occasion.