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Alya Chaglar musk rose

Alya Chaglar is one creative mumma! She’s taking her daughter’s dress-up wardrobe to a whole new level of fun, thanks to a simple camera trick. Using forced perspective technique, Alya puts her daughter Stefani behind a stack of unexpected objects for the whackiest fashion shoot ever.

Where does Alya get the inspiration for her three-year-old daughter’s dress collection? In the fridge! From a cute cauliflower costume to a gown of grapes, Stefani is sashaying her way through the fruit and veg aisle (and even into the garden to gather a few flowers as well) one well-placed object at a time.

The clever mum showcases her creations on Instagram and we are loving them! Have a look at our favourite photos of little Stefani modelling her fruity frocks.

Food, flowers and fancy dress fun!

Alya Chaglar Black grapes

Alya Chaglar Cauliflower

Alya Chaglar double red rose

Alya Chaglar palm frond

Alya Chaglar parsley

Alya Chaglar pawpaw

Alya Chaglar posey

Alya Chaglar red rose

Alya Chaglar watermelon

Alya Chaglar white roses

Alya Chaglar yellow roses

Alya Chaglar Bananas

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(Images via Instagram)

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