Pregnancy food aversions explained

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Fresh fish at market - pregnancy food aversions

Hold the toilet door, pregnant woman coming through!

It’s a cruel twist that being with child makes you want to eat all things, but the mere thought of some foods has you retching and gagging for air. Oh, the joys! Food aversion can happen anytime during your 40-week pregnancy but is more common in the first trimester when those hormones are going haywire.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fridge, your food aversions change – what you loathed one week, you crave the next. Barrels of fun.

What is food aversion?

Like so many other weird and wonderful pregnancy symptoms and conditions, we can blame our crazy hormones for food aversions too. It’s why they are so common in the first 12 weeks – your HCG hormones are doubling every couple of days.

There also seems to be some connection between morning sickness and food aversions – which makes sense! Often the nausea of morning sickness starts at the same time as food aversion – and that’s probably due to the same hormone causing both.

Who gets it?

Anyone. Like most pregnancy symptoms, food aversion can happen to any mum-to-be, whether you usually have a sensitive tummy or not. Foods that have a strong smell tend to cause the most food aversions.

Most common food aversions

What can I do?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, throughout your pregnancy, try and listen to your body. This includes avoiding the foods that make you want to hurl, and giving in to your cravings (unless it’s vacuum cleaner dust, then see a doctor).

If you’re worried you’re not getting enough nutrients, try and disguise things in foods you are able to keep down (like smoothies).

For most women, your taste will start to go back to normal around the 11-week mark, as your levels of HCG become more stable. If you find that it’s lingering, and you’re worried about your weight, have a chat to your doctor or midwife.

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