7 awkward baby shower moments you can’t avoid

baby shower moments

Nothing says awkward like someone asking a non-pregnant woman when she’s due, although some of the moments that can go down at a baby shower come pretty close. Fact is, if you’re having a baby shower someone is bound to do or say one of these things to you – you’ve been warned!

We present to you 7 awkward baby shower moments you can’t avoid:

1. Being told what a massive belly you have

You’re probably fully aware that you have the ability to knock off items from supermarket shelves with your belly, but being told about it is another thing. Just smile and nod and try not to take offence, although this is easier said than done with all those pregnancy hormones racing through your body.

2. Everyone touching your baby bump

Because of the gorgeousness of your bump it often becomes something everybody wants to touch! While a little unnerving, especially when workmates you’re not close with have a feel, it’s usually coming from a good place so if you can, see it as a compliment.

Tip: Want to avoid belly grabbing? Make a loud comment on how you’re not a fan of people touching your bump at the start of your shower.

3. Guests doubling up on gifts

This is bound to happen, especially if you have lots of non-mum friends because they often aren’t quite sure what to buy so stick to soft toys or rattles. It would be pretty bad (or good) luck if you got two high chairs – but if you do just smile and be grateful. You could also re-gift one or sell online. Better still, they might have the receipt so you can exchange it for something you need.

Tip: To prevent being given the same gifts or things you don’t need, give a friend a gift registry to manage.

4. All eyes are on you

Every step you take, every move you make, they’ll be watching you. Be prepared to be the centre of attention and make the most of it because you deserve a little lavishing. Don’t be offended if people tell you that you look tired, glowing, pale, exhausted or carrying a boy or a girl – everyone is just as excited as you are about the arrival of your baby.

Hint: Feeling overwhelmed? Get some fresh air outside or locked yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes.

5. Comments on weight gain or lack of

Most people won’t come out and directly comment on how much weight you’ve gained but some may make a few indirect comments such as ‘gosh I too put on heaps of weight during my first pregnancy’. In this instance, just brush it off and ask them how they got rid of it after their baby was born. Or you could make a joke about how you’re purposely eating for two just because you can!

6. Opening presents with an audience

opening presents - awkward baby shower moments

If you’re not a fan of opening presents under the watchful gaze of the entire room then this might be a challenging moment. However, your guests really want to see the look on your face when you open their carefully selected gift. While it might be hard to gush over each and every present, you’ll want your guests to know your grateful.

You might also open a present and have no clue what it’s used for. If this happens start a conversation and you’re bound to get plenty of awesome advice from mums who have been there and done that! For example, a pile of white hand towels might seem a pretty unusual gift but once baby arrives they’ll be invaluable as spew and poo rags.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask what a present is used for if you’re unsure, others guests might not know either.

7. Concern about size of your belly

Some women have massive bumps and others are small. Usually, this isn’t an indication of the healthiness of your baby. But at your baby shower this is something that is always mentioned. Mums will love to reminisce about the size of theirs and friends may admire your growing bump. Try not to worry because baby bellies come in all shapes and sizes!

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