Collette Dinnigan launches fun first children’s eyewear collection

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Collette Dinnigan launches children's eyewear range

Fun, feminine with a twist of designer flair, the latest sublime specs for kids are anything but childish.

Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan has launched her first children’s eyewear collection, aimed at giving girls a confidence boost.

The iconic designer chatted to Mum’s Grapevine, calling on all parents to get their children’s eyes tested early.

A ‘Spirited’ collection

Collette Dinnigan launches children's eyewear range

Gone is the age of ‘Coke-bottle’ glasses for kids. Children’s eyewear has become a fashion accessory in itself. So it only makes sense for a fashion designer to lend her hand to creating the perfect eyewear collection for young girls.

“The colours are very refreshing, they’re all pale pinks and reds and the darker frames have a lot of print detail on the side, so they’re still fun. There’s an element of fun but at the same time they kind of shift towards the feminine but not girly,” Collette told Mum’s Grapevine.

Collette Dinnigan launches children's eyewear range

There are seven ophthalmic frames in the collection, and all are designed to be comfortable and appealing to girls who are moving on from smaller frames but aren’t quite ready for teen size.

“It’s a very difficult time to actually design for that age because you have to make sure that the girls still have confidence because often they lose a lot of it.”

Collette Dinnigan launches children's eyewear collection

Eye care just as important as dental health

Collette is reminding parents that getting your children’s eyes tested early is just as important as other regular health checks.

“The most important thing is to test their eyes as early on as you can, because if you test all children’s eyes before eight you can correct a lot of lazy eyes and squint eye which a lot of people don’t know about. Because they think eye health is not treated in the same way as perhaps dental health might be.”


The new ‘Spirited’ eyewear collection is available exclusively from Specsavers from 14 September, 2017, with the range priced at $199 for two pairs of single vision glasses.

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