21 fire-inspired names for fiery tykes (+ meanings)

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baby girl with red hair - fire inspired baby names

Get ready to heat things up with our hottest baby name list yet! We’ve searched far and wide for the baby names that sizzle with spunkiness, glow with greatness and that light up a room with their fierce and fiery nature.

Whether you’re looking for a name to match your baby’s enigmatic personality or are simply a fan of the hypnotising power that fire can bring forth, your little one may even be born under a fiery zodiac sign or have fiery red hair.

We’ve set the baby name game on fire with these names, perfectly suited for all spirited little spark plugs out there.

Bold, brave, fierce and full of warmth – these 21 fiery baby names are sure to make sparks.

Fire-inspired names that are hot hot hot

Cali: Short for Calida, which means “fiery” in Latin.

Hestia: If you love mythological names, then Hestia may be a good one to add to your list. She is the Greek goddess of fire.

Electra: Another name that sparkles with sweetness, Electra is a brilliant combination of fierce and pretty.

Kenna: Meaning “born of fire”. Kenna is perfectly suited to your little firecracker. You may want to use it on its own or stick to the more popular McKenna which means “respect, love.”

Keegan: In Gaelic, Keegan is the diminutive form of Aodh (fire) and translates to “little fire.” You could also go for the shortened version, Egan.

Leo: Bold and brave, Leo is also one of the Zodiac signs that happen to fall under the fire element.

Blaze: You can’t have a fire without a blaze! And Blaze is certainly a sizzling choice for your rogue cherub.

Dante: While the name Dante means “enduring”, literary buffs will easily connect the name to the poet, Dante who wrote Inferno, one of the classics of Italian literature.

Ember: Glowing with a connotation of fire, Ember is a cute and uncommon alternative to Amber. You could make it even more unique by opting for Emberly.

Joash: Love the name Joshua or Josiah? Try Joash, a biblically inspired name that means “who despairs or burns.” You could also stick to the traditional names that start with Ash – Ashley, Ashton, Ashlyn to name a few.

Ignatius: Sure to set your heart on fire, Ignatius stems from the root word, “ignite” and can be shortened to the ultra spunky Iggy.

Pele: You may automatically think of the fiery footballer, Pele, but Pele is also the name of the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

Conley: A grand name for any baby, Conley means “purifying fire” in Gaelic.

Brigid: Wild and warrior-like, Brigid is also the name of the ancient Celtic goddess of fire.

Rhys: Another name meaning “fiery”, Rhys is quite common over in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales but remains relatively off the radar in Australia.

Seraphina: Meaning “ardent”, Seraphina has an angelic, almost ethereal, feel to it.

R’hllor: Game of Thrones fans may like the sound of R’hllor, the name of the Lord of Light. Or, if R’hllor is a little too out there, you could always go with Melissandre. Or Kinvara. Or even Stannis…

Nuri: Meaning “fire of the Lord” in Hebrew, Nuri is another bold choice for your passionate prince or princess.

Fury: Give your little firecracker a name that matches that fiery personality wiht an entracing moniker like Fury. You could even make it uber-hipster it by opting for Phury.

Enya:  Pretty and powerful, Enya also means “fire” in Irish and definitely has an enigmatic glow to it.

Phoenix: One of the hottest names for the next generation has to be Phoenix, which is swiftly rising up the popularity charts. The name comes from the mythical bird that rose from the ashes of the fire that devoured it.

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