9 foods that help with morning sickness

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morning sickness pregnancy food

Blergh. You’re in the first trimester of pregnancy and want to be jumping for joy, except that you’re slouched in a cafe realising your ham and cheese croissant was a terrible idea. Then there’s a whiff of perfume and it’s all you can do to keep your breakfast down.

Hello morning sickness – a common affliction that leaves mums-to-be feeling nauseous, vomitous and generally unwell-ous (yes, that is a made up word). Fortunately, there are a few ingredients that – with a bit of luck – might ease the quease.

Here are 9 foods that may help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness.

1. Ginger

morning sickness pregnancy food ginger

Ginger is an age old remedy for combatting nausea, so wrap your tastebuds around ginger marmalade toast, ginger snaps, crystallised ginger, ginger tea, dry ginger ale or the zingy Anti-Morning Sickness Sparkler from Empowered Birth Project.

2. Crackers

morning sickness pregnancy food crackers

Morning sickness often strikes in the morning (funny that), so pip it at the post with a couple of dry crackers (or plain sweet biscuits) before you get out of bed. Fingers crossed!

3. Potato chips

morning sickness pregnancy food chips

Finally, you have reached a point in your life when eating chips is good for your health! Sort of. Salty foods can help reduce morning sickness symptoms, so bust open a bag of crisps (or pretzels) and savour the moment.

4. Boiled sweets

Boiled Lollies

Unfortunately chocolate isn’t a morning sickness helper – pfft! – but the good news is that you can try sucking on a boiled lolly or barley sugar to alleviate nausea.

5. Fruit smoothie

smoothie for morning sickness

High-carbohydrate and high-protein food can assist with queasiness, so this morning sickness smoothie (containing banana, yoghurt and oats) is worth a whizz.

6. Lemon

morning sickness pregnancy food lemon

Lemon calms some people’s tummies, so try sniffing some zest, squeezing juice into a glass of water, drinking flat lemonade or even sucking a segment straight-up. And because cold food often goes down better than hot food, a lemon sorbet might work too.

7. Popsicles

Summer smoothies and icy treats

Speaking of sorbet, flavoured popsicles make everything better for some women. Cool and delicious!

8. Mint

morning sickness pregnancy food mint

Like ginger, mint may work wonders too. Sip peppermint tea, suck peppermint lollies or chew minty gum – if nothing else, it will freshen up your breath after being sick. Classy.

9. Ice cubes

morning sickness pregnancy food ice

Even if you’re finding it hard to keep food down, it’s important to stay hydrated. And if things like clear soup, diluted fruit juice and weak tea aren’t sitting well, try sucking on an ice cube. It’s not exactly a nutritious super food, but it is refreshing and packed with H2O.

We hope you feel better soon.

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