Morning sickness secrets to ease the yuk!

Mornign sickness: girl vomiting in toilet

Smell of coffee turning your stomach? Just the thought of food have you running to the toilet? Ah, morning sickness – a most unwelcome introduction to pregnancy. From waves of nausea to head-in-the-loo heaving, morning sickness can be different for every mum-to-be.

And the same goes for finding something to ease the symptoms.

What works for one expecting mum might not work for another, so you might need to try a few different things to see what works for you.

Here are some tried and true methods to ease morning sickness other mums swear by that helped settle troubled pregnant tummies.

Foods to ease morning sickness

Morning sickness foods salty chips

Salty goodness: Try having something salty before a meal, this seems to help line the stomach a little.

Ginger: Many mums say ginger ale or ginger biscuits are the key to kicking the sick feeling, but there’s very little ginger in each (and lots of sugar which can actually make you feel worse). Tea made from ginger root is more potent but needs to be taken carefully as ginger too much ginger can affect how your blood clots.

Eat first thing: Having an empty stomach will make your nausea worse so keep something like a box of dry crackers next to your bed and have a nibble before getting up in the morning.

Eat smaller and often: Try grazing throughout the day, or having several smaller meals rather than three big meals.

Drink water: It’s really important to at least try and drink water if you can’t keep food down, again this will make your tummy feel full and help with nausea.

Know your triggers: If the smells of cooking trigger your nausea, make sure you open windows and put the rangehood on to try and move the odours quickly.

Give in to cravings: It’s unlikely anything you’re craving will kick off your sickness, so take it as a cue to eat whatever you want (within pregnancy safety guidelines!).

Natural remedies to ease morning sickness

Acupuncture for pregnancy

Tongue pulling: Ok, it sounds strange, but whatever works! It’s actually a yoga move that involves using a cloth to grip your tongue, and then pulling it out straight until it feels uncomfortable. Hold your tongue in place for 30 seconds and let it go. If nothing else, it will distract you from your churning stomach!

The good oil: Many essential oil enthusiasts swear by lavender as a remedy for morning sickness – either a few drops in the bath, or in an oil burner. Others say peppermint and ginger oil do the trick, and there are ready-made roll-ons that can be applied to try and ward off the waves.


Sea sickness bands: These work on acupuncture points to relieve travel sickness, so if you’re struck by morning sickness nausea it’s worth giving these bands a go.

Acupuncture: Working along the same lines as the sea sickness bands, there is some evidence that suggests acupuncture can help with nausea and dry retching, but not actual vomiting.

B6 vitamins: There’s been some research to suggest that taking B6 vitamins can reduce morning sickness symptoms, but you’ll need to check with your doctor or midwife before taking these.

Of course, every preggo mumma is different, so it may help to take a look at some of the more unusual things that have helped other mums banish morning sickness.

We asked the Mum’s Grapevine community what eased their morning sickness and this is what they said…

“Apples and Lucozade worked for me. Not too hard on the stomach. Or even sipping soda water.” Jemma

“Never let your tummy get empty, my obgyn also suggested small sips of Coke. But unfortunately I had to have medication for mine in the end and I am so glad I did.” – Elita

“Sprite and barbecue chips was all I could handle. Over nine months of all day sickness.” – Kristy

“Salty food. I never eat fast food but was getting drive through Red Rooster chips regularly. And salt and vinegar anything … particularly salt and vinegar almonds!” – Anika

“For both my pregnancies I had to keep a stash of dry biscuits in my handbag wherever I went. I also had to have lollies nearby with my second pregnancy. I had morning sickness/all day nausea but only up to 15/16 weeks.” – Amanda

“I found just not allowing myself to get hungry worked. I would snack on Saladas/rice crackers between meals. If I felt really queasy a small can of Coke or peppermint Lifesavers were great!” – Kristie

“Nothing! Was sick all day every day for both of my pregnancies. It was tough going. I never normally drink Coke, but when pregnant Coke with lots of ice seemed to remove the metallic taste from my mouth.” – Suze

“A midwife gave me great advice – don’t mix wet with dry. So don’t have tea and biscuits etc, have the tea but not the biscuits. It really does help.” – Lynda

If you find you can’t keep any food down, day after day, you may actually have hyperemesis gravidarum, which is severe morning sickness. This can be serious, so make sure you visit your doctor or midwife.