15 photos to take during baby’s first week

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mother kissing newborn

Bringing home your baby? Congratulations! The first week with your newborn will be one of the most memorable weeks of your life, but also one of the quickest. Seriously, that first week goes by so-so-so fast!

By the time you get home, get settled and get in your very first post-baby shower, it’s probably already time to pull out the One Week Old milestone card. And you will be left asking yourself, ‘Where did the last seven days go?’.”

One of the easiest ways to remember this incredibly fleeting time is to snap photos. Lots and lots of photos (and we’re not talking about the professional newborn photo shoot – that usually comes a bit later). To make it a bit easier for all new mums, we’ve put together a list of photos to take during that first week.

Enjoy XX

All brand new photo

Nude newborn sleeping by MB Photography

Every new mum needs a shot of her baby enjoying those blissful days back at home. Sleepy and bare bottomed is always a good look (well, on a baby at least) (via MB Photography).

The first family snuggle photo

Happy new family with newborn Jean Smith Photography

Mum, dad and baby makes three! This is one for the baby book for sure (and probably one to look back on for years and years to come) (via Jean Smith Photography).

A comparison photo

newborn baby with doll

Capture just how small your newborn is with a comparison shot. You can use anything, really, but a doll or teddy bear is a good idea, especially for succession shots as they grow (via Melanie James).

wee baby vs banana by Here We Go AJen

Or, you can also opt to track your baby’s teeniness by comparing them to different fruit or even random objects around the house (via Herewegoajen).

Itty bitty baby feet photo

newborn baby feet black and white

Next on the list is a simple yet sweet shot of your baby’s feet. Because baby feet are too cute not to frame! Or at least share on social media.

Itty baby baby hand photo

Sherrie B Photography black and white baby hands

You might as well do those tiny hands too, while you have the camera out … (via Sherrie B Photography).

newborn hand around mums finger

To really put just how wee your baby is into perspective, take a photo of bub grasping your finger.

Mummy ‘n me photo

Mother and newborn on bed Alyssa Duncan Photography

Ask your partner or a relative to snap a candid shot of you and bub blissfully chilling out together (via Alyssa Duncan Photography).

The new daddy photo

Bring the proud new dad into the spotlight by staging a candid shot with daddy cradling bub in his hands. So much love! (via Megan Gale).

Baby’s first bath photo

Even if it ends in tears (or wee in the bath), take a picture of that first bath. Siblings optional! (via Jordan and Co).

When siblings meet baby photo

siblings meeting newborn baby

You will probably spend the rest of your life snapping pictures of your children together. But the first week, when baby is so tiny, is always special. And worth a photo (or 100) (via Courtney Brown).

Pet pals photo

Don’t forget to also take a picture of your fur baby meeting the new addition too! (via Justin Meyers).

Milk drunk photo

baby with milk face

Newborns will sleep A LOT. And new mums will spend A LOT of time taking pictures of their sleeping sweethearts. Make sure you capture the milk drunk look – the classic pass-out picture after baby has had a massive feed (via Eden Marie).

Breast friends photo

And we all need at least one good brelfie during that first week! It’s always nice to look back and see how little your baby was (and how BIG your breasts were). Ah… memories (via Natalie Hoflin).

Bundle of joy photo

Alexa Drew Photography new mum with bundled up newborn

Complete the fairy tale (and your photo book) and preserve his preciousness by snapping a photo of your squishy sweetheart all swaddled up (via Alexa Drew Photography).

Looking for more ways to track your newborn’s incredible first year? Check out these 20 creative pregnancy and newborn photo ideas.


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