8 stylish maternity hospital gowns for delivery

Modmom Etsy maternity hospital gown

Let’s face it – neither you or any other woman is ever going to look her best when in the middle of labour. Whether you’re wearing the sexy c-section hair net, donning those oversized maternity undies, or toting around with your own personal IV thanks to an epidural, you can expect the whole experience to be less than a catwalk show.

Good news. It really doesn’t have to be.

These eight maternity hospital gowns are designed especially for your big day and are as practical as they are pretty. Because, even if you feel like you’re about to split into two from the inside, you can still look (and feel) nice on the outside.

Style and sash

Modmom stylish maternity hospital gown

Modmom ($66.61 plus a shipping fee from the United States) is our first pick for maternity hospital gown designers, and her range of elegant gowns are just what the doctor (and pregnant mother) ordered!

With elegant patterns, breathable cotton fabric and snaps in all the right places, you will be dressed for delivery success. And, ultra bonus, each comes with a colourful sash to style the bump and after-belly pouch post-birth.

Labour of love

Beautiful silk and more maternity hospital gown

Silk And More (starting at $54.38) have designed a beautiful maternity kaftan, ideal for all stages of late pregnancy, delivery and post-baby recovery. The flowing gown comes in a range of colours including ivory, mint, coral, lilac and peach. It’s made from Mulmul cotton, which is one of the softest materials on the market.

You can customise your kaftan with additional buttons on the back for easy access in case of an epidural (additional cost applies).

Glow with Gownies

Colourful gownies - maternity hospital gown

Gownies (starting a $49.95) is another great choice for hospital maternity gowns that are extra comfortable and convenient.

Gownies come in the standard pink, black and grey as well as more colourful patterns, all of which have a feminine design and offer practicality and comfort.

Designer delivery

designer mama maternity hospital gown

Another option for mums who want to look their very best for labour and birth are the range of maternity gowns from Designer Mama (starting at $44.95).

This maternity gown is designed not only for labour (with easy access to your lady bits without having to disrobe) but also as a day/night dress for easy breastfeeding.

Blossoming birth

comfy clothing maternity hospital gown

Comfy Clothing (starting from $40.78 plus shipping fees from India) first specialised in bridesmaid dresses, but has blossomed into beautiful maternity gowns. And we are so glad they did! The floral patterns are stunning and the gown itself is as comfortable as it is elegant.

The gowns come in a range of different colours and styles, with snaps at the front and back. While these maternity gowns are soft enough to wear as pyjamas, they can also double as a dress as you waddle your way into the ward.

Bamboo beauty

The birth shirt co bamboo maternity hospital gown

While some mums love to sparkle and shine during delivery, others prefer a more subtle look. If you fall into the latter category, then the bamboo birthing shirt ($66.23 plus shipping fees from the UK) is a perfectly practical option.

Eco-friendly, cashmere-soft and thermally regulated to keep you cool and fresh, we love the simplicity of this design. The bamboo birthing shirt is available in midnight blue, berry red and powder blue.

Pretty in pink

Floressa breastfeeding maternity hospital gown

Like all maternity gowns, the Floressa Hospital Nursing Gowns are designed to fit and flatter your new shape. However, it’s the extra soft and stretchy fabric that we especially love about these gowns. Available in a range of soft hues, including pink, lilac and blue, the gowns also come with the options of short, medium or long sleeves.

The Little Black Dress for labour

Womama maternity hospital gown

Why should the LBD only be reserved for cocktails? Greet your little one in style with Womama Birthing Wrap, a black (or blue) wrap catered especially for this special occasion. The wrap is designed to accommodate changing shapes during pregnancy and post-birth and doubles as both a breastfeeding-friendly dress or nightie.

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