Once upon a time … on a wall not so far away

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Children’s books are far too beautiful to sit on a shelf – like works of art they should be celebrated and admired – so put them on your wall, on your mug and carry them around where ever you go.

Artist Jane Mount is re-imagining our most-loved children’s books as adorable works of art, one life-changing title at a time.

Ideal Bookshelf brings books to life as prints, on tote bags, even as adornments for your coffee mug! Choose from existing book prints grouped into genres, or you can have a custom piece of art created with your favourite titles – great gift ideas!

Illustrator Jane Mount recreates the famous spine designs – from book collections for tweens to childhood favourites. They’re available as prints (from $34), totes ($26, or from $30 for a custom design), mugs ($14) and adorable book pins ($11).

The Ideal Bookshelf book pins harry potter

The beautiful brushstrokes translate into arty bookshelves heaving with the titles we grew up with, and are still adored by children today.

Available online at the Ideal Bookshelf (from $11).

If you’re in bookworm heaven with this gorgeous artwork, you’ll love the huge collection of book lists we’ve put together, including books to help kids who are scared of the dark and page-turners that will help kids get pre-school ready.

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