52 twin names for two peas in a pod

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perfectly paired twin names

Double the kisses, double the cuddles and double the baby name delight. When it comes to naming not one but two brand new babies, it’s important to choose twin names that not only match your tastes but each other as well.

You can look to the past with pairings like Kane and Abel, Romulus and Remus, Viola and Sebastian, Castor and Pollox. Or you can look to the present with twin pairings such as Tom and Darcy, Monroe and Morocco and Sir and Rumi.

Or, you can stray away from celebrity land with these cute choices. Influenced by nature and cities, inspired by the Bible and books, and ingrained in a number of cultures and languages around the world.

Here are 26 twin names, perfectly paired for two peas in a pod.

Meaningful twin names

52 perfect names for newborn twins

Eve and Zoe: Two trend-setting names that continue to climb the charts, both of these beautiful monikers translate to “life”. Eve is Hebrew and Zoe is Greek.

Keegan and Korah: Double the K factor with these two unique names, which happen to translate to “fire” and “ice”.

Kendra and Kenna: Another option is to combine two very powerful elements – fire and water – to complement your twin’s names, such as Kendra and Kenna, which mean “clear water” and “fire”, respectively. We’ve got even more fire, water and ice-inspired baby names to browse through as well.

Alba and Luna: Translating to “sun” and “moon” respectively, these two names are a perfect example of how opposites can complement.

Dia and Lila: For something even more unique and out there, why not opt for names that mean “day” and “night” such as Dia and Lila?

Melanie and Phoebe: Sun and moon, day and night. Or, how about “dark” and “light” which is what Melanie and Phoebe mean in Greek.

Aliyah and Jordan: Wordsmiths will also love this combo! Why? While Aliyah means “ascend”, Jordan translates to “descend” in Hebrew.

Cultural and literary twin names

The best names for newborn twins

Eloise and Esme: Both French, both adorable and both easy on the ears – it’s an ‘oui oui’ from us! Want more French ideas for your little croissant? Check out these French baby names.

Aria and Luca: Eloquent and enchanting, both Aria and Luca hail from Italy and share a bright meaning. Aria translates to “air” while Luca means “light”. Check out the full list of Italian names for your little bambino.

Atticus and Finn: Book buffs may be inspired to select names based on some of our beloved literary heroes, such as Atticus Finch or Huckleberry Finn. We’ve got plenty of other baby names for book worms that may match your tastes a little better.

Austen and Bronte: Or, you could go with two of your favourite authors instead with names like (Jane) Austen and (Charlotte) Bronte.

Biblical, regal and virtuous twin names

Asher and Ezra: Inspired by the Bible, both of these names are also climbing the coolness charts.

Nathaniel and Theodore: Both names mean “gift of God”, but Nathaniel is Hebrew and Theodore is Greek. And how cute are the nicknames – Nate and Theo – together? Have a look at our Biblical baby name list for even more great combinations.

Brendan and Sarah: While both are quite common monikers, they come with royal meanings. Brendan means “prince” in Irish while Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew, perfect for the prince and princesses currently ruling your womb.

Faith and Hope: Faith and Hope both make the top 100 list and share a very virtuous background. Other names that fit the virtue mould include Trinity and Amity, if you want to stay away from the popular pairings.

Grace and Hannah: Another virtuous pairing, Hannah means “grace” in Hebrew.

Alexander and Charlotte: Born to rule your world, Charlotte and Alexander come with very regal connotations. Have a look at our full list of royal baby names for more ideas.

Clara and Sadie: Vintage baby names are also back in action and both of these little gems from the past are speeding up the trendy lists. Put them together and, well, it’s a winning combination.

Same same, but different

perfectly paired twin names

Axel and Lennox: Sporting the ultra-spunky “x”, Axel and Lennox are a match made in hipster heaven. Check out our post on additional names that have that X-factor.

Dakota and Georgia: The “a” at the end of these names blend well together. Plus, both are geographical monikers which make them even cuter for a twin set. Of course, there are plenty of others that fit the mould too (Camden, London, Paris, Brooklyn, Austin, Indiana to name a few). Here’s a more complex list for all travel lovers out there.

Leo and Lyra: Look to the stars for your sibling set with these two celestial names. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac (for babies born in August). Lyra is one of the constellations that can be viewed during the winter months – the perfect combo for any winter babies!

Marley and Bowie: Nods to musical greats, Marley and Bowie hit a high note, especially when harmonising together.

Savanna and Sierra: Savanna is a flat grassland with a desert warm vibe to it. Sierra is a range of mountains with an edgy coolness to it. Together, these nature inspired names really glow.

Scarlet and Cyan: Bold, bright and both inspired by colours, Scarlet and Cyan share that “c” sound that rolls easily off the tongue. You may be surprised how many colour-inspired names are out there (and beyond the obvious like Jett and Ash).

Fox and Phoenix: If you’re a fan of animals, then this predatory pairing may suit your twin package to pawfection. Check out, even more, animal-inspired baby names here.

Zander and Cruz:  Zander and Cruz are only a few of the names that ooze with the power of the Z. Zander and Zara are cute too.

Naming your baby isn’t always a straight forward decision. And, when you have two to name, well, the task can be even trickier. Check out our Naming Baby section for a full list of baby name ideas.


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