Aussie model Erin McNaught welcomes second baby

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Erin McNaught welcomes second baby

Model and television personality Erin McNaught and her superstar DJ hubby Example are in a bubble of new baby bliss, after the arrival of their second son.

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Erin revealed on Instagram that their bouncing babe arrived ‘relatively quickly’ yesterday morning after a natural and drug-free birth. The couple have given their stunning son an equally magnificent moniker: Ennio Stanley Gleave.

The actress’s husband, whose real name is Elliot John Gleave, gushed that his wife ‘baked the perfect little cake’. The couple also have a two-year-old boy, Evander.

#LADZ – mixtape coming soon

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Erin revealed in 2016 that she’d suffered a miscarriage, and found comfort in sharing her story with others. London-born Example and Erin married in 2013, after she first met the DJ after interviewing him in 2011 for MTV Australia.

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