Introducing Reading Eggs Junior for 2-4 year olds

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Reading Eggs Junior app review

Every mum knows books are a fun way to fill in the (so many) hours in your tot’s day, or a handy way to help them settle to sleep at night. But story time is so much more – it’s a critical step in your tot’s early literacy journey.

Early childhood development studies show the more kiddos are exposed to language, the greater social and educational advantages they have. Developing an early love of reading in your bub can be the pathway to lifelong success.

Regularly reading to your tot is so important, and it just got easier with a new online learning program made just for toddlers. The mega-popular online reading program ABC Reading Eggs has just launched ABC Reading Eggs Junior. Carefully designed by experienced educators, this comprehensive early learning program is specifically aimed at young kids aged two to four. Eggscellent!

A world of learning at their fingertips

Reading Eggs Junior app review

ABC Reading Eggs Junior opens up a world of word fun to your munchkin through play, discovery and laughter. It totally transforms the way your tyke uses technology by engaging curious little minds and turning screen time into learning time!

Hundreds of books, videos and learning games have been created specifically for two to four year olds to grow their knowledge of stories, words, letters and sounds. Your little bookworm won’t even know they’re learning while they play, laying a strong foundation for reading success. The more they play, the more they learn. Oh, the places they’ll go!

The program includes:

Books, books and more books! The library includes over 250 digital read-aloud books just for toddlers. Think of how much bookshelf space you’re saving! Choose from your favourite age‑appropriate story, nursery rhyme, nonfiction, alphabet or concept book. Your kiddo will love ‘turning’ each page and following along, just like a regular hard-copy book (but without the chewed edges).

Video ‘play’ time. All toddlers love a little TV time. Why not offer them something educational and entertaining. Pick from hundreds of videos including eye-catching animations and real-life stories filled with fun music, songs and captivating tales.

Activity fun. Yes, it is all fun and games! Your toddler can enjoy playing interactive games and activities that both entertain and teach word and language awareness skills.

Progress reports. While you’re still some time away from grades and report cards, it’s nice to be able to see your kiddo’s progress. You’ll receive regular updates on their favourite books, videos and activities so you can watch their interests and skills develop as they play.

Building blocks to success

Reading Eggs Junior app review

ABC Reading Eggs Junior is designed specifically to help your pre-kindy kid take their first steps in learning to read. Reading as part of their daily routine has so many benefits, including developing language skills, increased vocabulary, alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and identify the sounds that make up words).

As a bonus, you might even notice your kiddo’s attention span improves, helping their memory and comprehension skills. Also, their growing reading confidence may help boost their resilience – essential in today’s busy world. And, of course, you will see them love to read which is a proven academic boost. What’s not to love about that?

Screen time you can trust

Reading Eggs Junior app review

We all know to be mindful of too much screen time. Sensible screen time boundaries are always important, but Reading Eggs Junior is the kind of screen time that you don’t have to worry about. Your kiddo will love it because it’s fun and you don’t need to stress because it’s age-appropriate and educational at the same time. Win, win!

Mums love it

Reading Eggs Junior app review

It’s not just the experts that recognise the importance of early literacy. The word is out and Reading Eggs has a lot of fans, with over 10 million users worldwide. It’s also a favourite of many celebrity mums including Natalie Bassingthwaite, Rebecca Judd and Tammin Sursok.

illustration of garden and heart with 'tried it, loved it' on it

We asked two new Grapeviners and their tots to try the ABC Reading Eggs Junior online reading programme. Here’s what they had to say:

Jacqui O’Donnell and three-year-old Neve

reading eggs junior review

“This app is a win-win!”

“Neve has been beyond excited about doing Reading Eggs like her older brother. We found that the app was easy to follow, navigation was intuitive even to a three-year-old.

Neve loves it for the fun, the music, the playful characters and the game-like activities! And I love that she’s learning.”



Zara Collette and three-year-old Heath

reading eggs junior app review

“What a fantastic app!’

‘My son and I read some of the books together. It was great that the story was repetitive because the lessons really sink in. The stories read really well too and had great pictures.

We also played a game of match the sound and this was fantastic because he used his pointer finger to match them.

Well done Reading Eggs – a big thumbs up from us”


Try it now for free

If you have an active ABC Reading Eggs trial or subscription, you can access ABC Reading Eggs Junior for free! New ABC Reading Eggs customers can sign up for a free four-week trial until the October 31, 2017.

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