Insta Crush: the delicious creations of Vickie Liu

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Insta crush of vickiee_yo Instagram cookies

Our cheeks are flushed, and our hearts aflutter at our latest Insta Crush, the utterly delicious @vickiee_yo. This talented amateur baker knows her way around a cookie, and isn’t afraid to show it.

This self-proclaimed professional eater creates some of the cutest cookies we ever did see – from fabulous fruity friends to Disney characters, unicorns and pop culture icons.

But Vickie Liu doesn’t stop there. The Melbourne-based baker extraordinaire also whips up delectable ice cream pops and delightful donuts.

Every Instagram square is awash with pretty pastels and pops of playful colour. And it’s all edible. Take a virtual stroll around Vickie’s bakery wonderland at vickiee_yo.

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