46 unusual signs you might be pregnant

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unusual signs you might be pregnant

We’ve all heard of the tell-tale early pregnancy signs – sore boobs, a missed period, morning sickness. But what about the more unusual signs you might be pregnant?

We asked our community of Mum’s Grapeviners to tell us their first signs of pregnancy and were blown away by some of the more unusual inklings early pregnancy – including children who can apparently foretell the future and pets with a sixth sense.

Here are 46 of the more unusual signs that may mean you’re pregnant!

Strange but true

From pets with a sixth sense to prophetic dreams, it seems pregnancy symptoms may be at the mercy of a higher power.

“I dreamt I was pregnant before I had any other signs.” – Lauren Monica Gee 

“I had a parrot that out of the blue every time I was pregnant he would start calling me Prego. By the third pregnancy, I knew he only called me that if I was. Yelling NOOO at him didn’t change the fact that he was right.” – Nancy Rosa 

“My spray tan didn’t take.” – Tee Symonds 

“My dog – he pretty much gave it away.” – Emma Parker 

“My son told me. He was eight-and-a-half and randomly said, ‘mum you have a baby in your tummy’. I said, “No I don’t’. I didn’t take his word for it did a pregnancy test and holy cow, I was. Not planned nearly 40 and pregnant! I got him to pick the lotto numbers that week and we won a small amount.” – Amanda MacGregor

“My three-year-old old daughter told me three days in a row! I laughed at her each time until I realised I was late! She is tad quirky.” – Susanna Foderà 

“My dog never left my side.” – Julie Beck 

Next mood swing in 4.2 seconds …

It appears all mood swings are not created equal. According to our community of mums, hell hath no fury like an expectant mum who doesn’t actually know she’s pregnant.

“I was ready to fight the world for no reason.” – Marina Willis-Bozeman

“Rage. Terrible rage.” – Jordan Flint 

“My extreme mood swings where I wanted to rip my own head off.” – Jenny Schacht 

“Being an insanely moody cow.” – Kiara Wade 

“I burst into tears watching my husband and seven-month-old having swimming lessons.” – Nicola Childs 

“Massive mood swing. The day before I’ve gotten a positive test with my last three pregnancies I’ve had a big argument with my husband. That usually tips me off because I don’t usually get like that. ” – Kaitlin Jayne Sims 

Eat. All. The. Food. Except that, I hate that …

You either want to eat all the things or none of the things. There is no in between.

“The smell/taste of coffee made me feel sick.” – Tasha Brazier 

“I had been vegetarian for 17 years and all of a sudden had cravings for red meat … it was like I had turned into a carnivorous predator.” – Amanda Doonan

“With my first, my steak dinner was repulsive. With my second I was an unstoppable sobbing mess.” – Laura Pigeon 

Craving ice.” – Shamima Esat 

“Needing to vomit as I walked through the meat section of the supermarket.” – Melissa Sanham 

“All five times I woke up the morning after I got pregnant and craved coffee. I hate coffee but it’s all I drink when I am pregnant.” – Su Eriksson 

“Last one I ate fish cocktails at a kids’ party, couldn’t get enough of them, yet I don’t like fish.” – Yvette Bartosiak 

“Vomited after eating chocolate. Instant bloat even well before period was due.” – Vanessa Brown

“Couldn’t stand my morning coffee, eat chewing gum or bacon.” – Wix Holland Barnett 

“I went out for dinner and had two cocktails in the space of four hours and was completely wasted. The next day I knew.” – Kiera-Lee Mayers 

“Insatiable craving .. MUST HAVE TINNED ASPARAGUS!” – Danielle Herrmann 

“Half a glass of wine put me to bed for 12 hours.” – Erica Maso 

“Couldn’t stop eating Greek style salad with double load of olives and green leaves. Could have it two per day and did not have enough of it.” – Veronika Chalásová 

“When I ate frozen bread rolls like a crazy woman and then wanted to vomit.” – April Norman Kampes 

Let’s get physical

There are apparently a whole bunch of weird and wonderful ways our bodies may be telling us we’re growing a baby.

“I fall asleep in the afternoons and drool.” – Rachel Alice 

“Body parts felt fleshier and more sensitive.” – Debra Yattaw 

“I projectile vomited across the room.” – Tracy Kippen 

“I got a cold – I don’t get colds often.” – Katie-Pie Lisman 

“I had to double up on sex!” – Tahnee Williams 

“I couldn’t smoke a cigarette without wanting to puke.” – Sarah Samantha Gelter 

“Insanely sensitive nipples. Both times.” – Louise Stone 

“A strange flutter in my tummy.” – Mandy Stanbridge 

“I knew with all three of mine more or less straight away as I got urine infections, even though every time the tests were negative as was too early. I knew they were wrong.” – Sheena Rideout 

“Acid burn from reflux in my mouth after waking up.” – Salena Brown 

“My husband’s morning breath made me gag.” – Whitney Rebecca Baquireza

“Insomnia and heartburn!” – Shae Psaras 

“Severe headaches, where I couldn’t even open my eyes.” – Jessie Anderson 

“I thought my boobs looked great and then three different people commented on how good/full they looked.” – Megan Louise Buckley 

“I could smell anything a mile away!” – Marissa Green 

“Smell… everything smelt bad.” – Danielle Sorrell 

“I pulled off all my jewellery as I felt it had a bad smell and thought I had food poisoning.” – Pamela Jane Webb

“Weeing six times in three hours.” – Cassi Woutersz Smith 

“It was be middle of summer and I thought I was getting gastro – feeling hot and sweaty with nausea and an upset tummy.” – Nicole Gordge


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signs you might be pregnant

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