Twin baby carrier: helping hand for parents of twins

Twin Weego carrier

Two babies don’t have to be too much to handle. Keep your twins close for cuddles and get twice as much done – think shopping, a walk around the block, hanging the washing out – with a double pouch baby carrier.

The Weego Twin Carrier, intended for use in the first months after birth, gives mum or dad the possibility to carry both babies together on their front, at the same time, giving the babies a soothing sense of closeness and physical contact. Twice as nice!

Helping hand for parents of twins

Twin Weego carrier

One of the best features is that the pouch-style carrier ensures the orthopedically correct posture of the babies, holding them in the frog-like position. The Weego TWIN ensures their little backs and heads are supported properly and fully (did you know the smaller the baby, the more important there’s compliance with these criteria?).

Wash and wear

Twin Weego carrier

The carrier can be used from birth (suiting preemies too) and can continue to be used until the twins are approximately five or six months old.

It’s made of navy or grey stripe cotton twill, is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperature. Three cotton bibs are supplied that will tide you over until the carrier can be washed.

Available online from Things for Twins ($210).