37 things only mums who’ve had c-sections know

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What only mums who've had c-sections know

Those intense feelings you get when you lay eyes on your baby for the first time is indescribable, as is holding them in your arms for the first time. We know that each birth is special and unique; however, we also know that there are some things that only mums who’ve had c-sections will be able to relate to.

We asked our Mum’s Grapevine community what they most remember most about their c-sections and this is what they said.

things only c-section mums know

Whether it was a planned or unexpected c-section, each experience is different, and amazing in it’s own unique way.

“That feeling of being so cold that you shake uncontrollably.”

“Being in aftercare and not being able to stop farting and being so high on love I thought it was hilarious and the attending male nurse looked at me like I was the grossest being ever.”

“That the moment they put my daughter up next to my face all the pain and nausea disappeared like I was covered in a warm fuzzy happiness blanket.”

“Feeling unnerved by all the pulling and tugging.”

“The incredible feeling of hearing my baby crying, knowing he was minutes away from not making it.”

“Being able to ask the anaesthetist what the surgeon was doing and being told he was just cutting through the last layer and I didn’t even know they’d started.”

“Feeling thirsty and then grateful as the anaesthetist took pity on me and started fluids through my IV while I was on the table.”

When c-sections are wonderful experiences

mums who’ve had c-sections know

Whether it was a planned or unexpected c-section, each experience is different, and amazing in it’s own unique way.

“Getting a wash in bed by this most wonderful assistant when I was still numb from the block and had a catheter in.”

“Having to wait in recovery to meet my son and then being able to stand up for the first time afterwards.”

“Being super nervous as I hadn’t had one before and didn’t know what to expect and the uncontrollable shaking. Then I heard my rainbow baby’s cry for the first time and sobbing with relief and happiness and the rest didn’t matter.”

“Listening to the doctors’ count their instruments before stitching me back up.”

“The moment they dropped the sheet down and pulled my babies out. I didn’t get to see it with my first, but second and third I did. An amazing experience.”

“Getting my midwife to take photos for me – amazing.”

“Holding my beautiful babies. Nothing else stands out in my mind.”

A little laughter in the operating theatre

mums who’ve had c-sections know

From husbands sharing a few funnies with doctors, to the supportive nurses in the operating theatre, mums are often privy to everything during their c-sections. But most importantly, the healthy birth of their child is what matters most.

“When the nurse told me she was about to put my catheter in and I offered to do it.”

“The smell of burning when fixing me back up.”

“Feeling nerves about how much I would feel.”

“Following a stressful pregnancy, induction and emergency section my husband brought my son to me telling me he was ‘perfect’!”

“My partner being disappointed they wouldn’t let him make the first cut, the midwife and surgeon didn’t get his sense of humour but I couldn’t stop laughing!”

“Don’t refuse the drugs before getting up! And I suggest putting a pillow over your tummy to cough or sneeze.”

“When the doctor asked my husband if he wanted to pull the baby out and I screamed no way he’ll take organs with him!”

“How comforting the lovely nurses were, all three times, and of course my babies.”

23. “With my first, the anaesthetist’s assistant telling me I was doing a good job as I was vomiting and I said mate I’m just laying here spewing.”

“Getting out of bed for the first time and hanging onto the wall walking to the bathroom to have a shower thought I was going to pass out.”

“The feeling of having a 10-pound baby being tugged out of my stomach. No pain just pulling.”

“I wished I’d educated myself more about what to expect.”

All the feels after a safe arrival

mums who’ve had c-sections know

While each c-section is a personal and individual experience, what most mums remember most is the feeling they got when they were able to see and hold their baby for the first time. Nothing beats that first cuddle.

“Having a reaction to something and practically clawing my face off because I was so itchy!”

“My husband mouthing WTF when the incision was made, then he realised I was watching him and had to put his poker face on.”

“That the song playing, while it happened, was The Drugs Don’t Work by the Verve and the nurses promising they did.”

“The thing I can remember most about my last c-section is waking up in recovery to the sound of my baby’s cries.”

“Being off my tree on Endone sitting on the toilet in fits of laughter and thinking oh my goodness I have visitors coming what if I lose it again.”

“It felt like lots of people in a room all there for the safe arrival of my little man.”

“My anaesthetist was amazing; he kept me calm until my mum was allowed in.”

“Actually, I loved not having to get up to pee; I drank so much water I was in heaven. I love water in general and this was my favourite part.”

“After the procedure, while heading to the recovery room I saw the handsome nurse who is actually pushing my bed and I think I was already in heaven.”

“It was nowhere near as bad as the horror stories I had heard.”

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