5 best pumping bras for hands-free expressing

Dairy Fairy Pumping bra chamis

There’ll be times you feel like a milk machine, but just imagine what you could get done if you didn’t have to hold the breast pump while you expressed milk?

Pumping bras are a game-changer. They do the heavy lifting for you, leaving your hands free to get things done. Allowing mums to be the multi-tasking wonder women we always knew they were.

Here are our picks of the best pumping bras for your next feed.

Bravado pumping bra

Bravado Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra

Bravado Clip and Pump Nursing Bra ($44.95)

A real game-changer for hands-free pumping. The clever pumping accessory attaches securely to your nursing bra’s B-clips for fuss-free pumping morning, noon and night. Also available in black.

Medela Pumping Bra

Medela Easy Expression Pumping Bra

The Medela Easy Expression Bustier $49.95)

Compatible with the Medela Swing, Swing Maxi, Freestyle and Symphony, this pumping bra has comfort and convenience rolled into one. The one-piece design cleverly allows busy mums to get other things done in comfort.

Simple Wishes Pumping Bra

Simply Wishes breast pump bra

Simple Wishes SuperMom 3-in-1 Bra ($89.90)

Do single or double pumping with easy access to a pumping panel. The seamless fabric means it’s almost invisible under clothing when worn with the removable foam cups. A pumping bra that multi-tasks just like mumma.

Pumpease Pumping Bra

Pumpease nursing bra

Pumpease Bra ($49.95)

The Pumpease bra holds the pump securely in place while you read, write, text, surf, tweet, shop online or tend to bub. Simply pick your favourite colourful, print – there’s an organic cotton version, too.

Haakaa Pumping Bra

Haakaa Hands Free Pumping bra
Haakaa Hands-Free Pumping Bra ($49.90)

This one has a zippy little feature – a zip up the front makes it easy to put on and take off. A layered, crossover slit design helps create a better seal for your pump.

Dairy Fairy Pumping Bra

Dairy Fairy Pumping with Lace

Dairy Fairy Hands-Free Bra (from $94)

This lacy number looks just like the bras you used to wear before you had a baby. There’s mini underwire from armpit to mid-centre for added support and comfort. Love!

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