Room for two: 12 beautiful baby and toddler shared bedrooms

Baby and Toddler shared bedroom

Putting a baby and older child in the same room can be a wonderful way to save space, build a bond between siblings right from the start and, hopefully, set up a sleep routine that both little ones will stick to.

If you are considering a dual nursery/bedroom for your pair, then have a look at these stunning shared bedrooms for inspiration.

They’ll show you how a single bed can work with a cot to create the soothing space babies and toddlers need for shared sleep time success.

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shared toddler baby room

A simple trick to give the illusion of two separate spaces is to pop a bookshelf between the cot and toddler bed. Make sure it’s securely attached to the wall, or like this one is built in to suit the space.

This is also a great space to show how each child can have their own personality injected into their corner of the room. (via mrsgustafson)

City sensation

One of our absolute favourite rooms has to be this incredible creation from Youthful Nest, which glitters with contemporary coolness. The hues of greys and blues with the splash of gold work perfectly with the unique wall stickers in the background. The ultra cosy chair and metallic mirror add even more style to this already uber-chic nursery.

Flying high

lavie en fuchsia cot and bed shared room

Next we have the adorable duel dwelling of Michelle’s little ones, which was inspired by the parent’s shared love of travel.

The room, which sticks to the navy, grey and black colour scheme, comes complete with a number of travel memorabilia scattered including a paper airplane mobile made from vintage maps and a Union Jack bedside table.

Double the force

star Wars Shared kids bedroom

Star Wars inspired bedrooms are more popular than ever but we haven’t come across a shared baby/toddler room that masters this theme quite as well as Aurea and Rob Grothe have done.

The Star Wars fans selected a soft palate of mostly grey and white and incorporated bedding, accessories and a few hand-crafted elements that are absolutely gorgeous. We especially love the Wampa rug, the DIY Death Star and the mobile of stuffed characters.

Pigeon pairing

Siblings Theo and Caitlin share this special space that sticks to the classic pink and blue pairing but with an elegant twist.

The pastel pink and purple elements blend brilliantly with the pastel blue wall paint choice and white furnishings. The addition of the cosy white rug adds to the feel of the of the whimsical and wintery room.

Pot of gold

Another picture perfect room for two little girls who love their pink is this lacy haven, complete with pink and gold wall paper, matching canopies and mobiles, bronzed wall decorations and a pair of adorable bunnies.

Cloudy with a chance of sleep

Miranda designed her sons Aki and Archer’s room using the classic monochrome furnishings, including an Ikea bed and wall decor she discovered on eBay.

In addition to the modern black and white combination, she also incorporates a few sprinklings of water, including rain drop wall stickers and cloud doonas. The addition of the teepee and black and white play kitchen bring the whole room together. LOVE!

Pink and polished

We also love this bright and spunky shared bedroom space by Deco Peques which combines timber furnishings with pink accessories for a charming room for two little girls. The collection of patterns pillows, love heart wall decal and sparkling white flooring certainly adds to the polished look.

Woodland and worldly wonderland

Shared bedroom with baby and toddler

Joni from Lay Baby Lay is the interior designer behind this dream room, which offers the perfect place to rest and play for sisters Vivi and Brigie.

Joni bring an earthy feel to her kids’ room with arrows on the wall, stuffed woodland creatures scattered on the bed and a globe on the bedside table. The room glows with worldly comfort and adventure for these two very lucky little girls.

Metallic charm

Siblings Penelope and Felix’s room has that classic appeal thanks to the gold and orange decor and the vintage furniture. The colour scheme appeals to both a girl and a boy and proves that you can still create a beautiful sleeping space, even if you don’t have a lot of room.

The great wall

Wall divider in shared bedroom

A room divider gives a sense of privacy and means mum and dad can be reading toddler a book, while baby is happily snoozing.

An easy way to achieve this look is by using an Ikea Kallax shelving unit, anchored to the wall. A couple of sheets of ply covered in wallpaper will create a stunning, personalised room divider. (via Scandinavian Retreat)

Made for two

White Wash shared bedroom

Although sticking to the modern pastel pink and mint green colour scheme, this amazing boy/girl shared room is anything but ordinary. Designed by the uber-talented Sina from Happy Grey Lucky, the room is light, airy, bright and perfect for play and sleep.

Sina explains, “Childhood is just so pure and innocent and, for me, pastels embody that sweet innocence so very well. Mix in lots of light woods for warmth and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a sweet Scandinavian-inspired kids’ room.”

Shared sweet dreams

Lily & Oli's Fresh Grey Space

We will end our round-up with another classic shared bedroom which oozes with subtle vintage charm. Lily and Oli’s shared room sticks to the grey, black and white colour scheme but with bold blue curtains and matching chairs. The two-toned wall paint and matching rug really bring the room together.

Looking for more inspiration for your nursery? Check out our dream rooms as well as our decor section for more of our favourite finds for your baby, toddler and beyond.





12 beautiful shared bedroom ideas for babies and kids