Clear drape c-sections allow mums to watch babes being born

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The moment you see your baby for the first time is beyond words. The emotion of months, sometimes years of waiting is impossible to quell. It’s the moment we become mothers.

For most women who give birth via c-section, the first glimpse of their baby is when their precious newborn is lifted over the blue or green drape separating the medical team and support crew. But many international hospitals are now using clear drapes so mums can watch their baby being born, and enjoy those first, emotion-charged moments.

Here are 10 amazing clear drape c-section images shared with Mum’s Grapevine, taken by brilliant birth photographers and birth support partners in the US.

Hello world

clear drape c section

The proud moment that a woman becomes a mother. (via Amy Hess Photography)

First kiss

clear drape c section

There’s nothing sweeter than those first, gentle kisses. (via New Life OBGYN Associates )

Watching and waiting

clear drape c section

Sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown that can be overwhelming for a birthing woman. With clear drape c-sections mums can see exactly when their baby is safely earthside. (via Captured Moments by Melanie Jo)

Finding a voice

clear drape c section Morgan Lane

Those first, lung-stretching cries – is there any sound as sweet? (via Morgan Lang Photography)

Best foot forward

clear drape c section

Every detail, including those teeny toes and feet, can be seen perfectly. (via Born. Birth Photography)

Here I am

clear drape c section Kerfox birth photography
That indescribable moment when our baby is finally ours. (via Ker-Fox Photography)

Amazing arrival

clear drape c section Alyssa Leon

Cesarean birth is birth. Sometimes circumstances determine that for baby and momma, it is the best option. There are limited practices that support and encourage a clear drape. This can be such a healing way for families to process an unexpected change of plans, so that they can be fully present during the birth of their child.” Alyssa Leon, photographer. (via Cherry Blossom Doula Services)

Tears of joy

Captured moments by Mary Jo - Black and White c-section birth

Every single second after birthing a baby is like a wave of emotions. (via Captured Moments by Melanie Jo)

Newborn glow

Birth Family Place - Newborn

A night shift nurse giving birth at her workplace, via ‘gentle, clear drape c-section’. (via Family Birth Place)

Sixth c-section

Morgan Lang - newborn just born blood

“My doctor had arranged to have a clear drape for the surgery and it was AWESOME!  If you’re having a scheduled c-section, I highly recommend having the full clear drape.  I watched my baby take his first breaths.  So incredible!  I even videotaped his birth through the clear drape using my cell phone while on the operating table!” Morgan Lang, photographer. (via Morgan Lang Photography)

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Clear drap c-section images

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