Not on the List: 50 strong baby names you won’t find in the top 50

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50 strong baby names

Mighty baby names that invoke a sense of power, balanced with the beauty of new life do exist – and they have the unique ability to grow with a new baby. Many of these baby monikers take their inspiration from far away lands and languages, putting a modern twist on vivid names.

Powerful and strong, yet sweet enough for a newborn, these unique and strong baby names have been shared by our Mum’s Grapevine community – and they are breathtaking.

Here are 50 baby names you won’t find in the top 50 of any baby name lists.

Altair: It’s the name of the eleventh brightest star in our skies, well suited to a powerful new bub.

Ari: Meaning lion in Hebrew and eagle in Old Norse, this name oozes strength, with alternatives including Arey, Ary and Aristotle.

Arlen: With Irish Gaelic origins, this name is derived from the word for ‘a pledge’.

BarrettWith it’s meaning rooted in German, this gorgeous name means ‘bear strength’, and can also be associated with poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Boston: Taking inspiration from the US location, it’s right up there with other powerful place name monikers like Brooklyn and London.

Branson: Meaning ‘son of raven’ this is a fabulous low-key choice for Game of Thrones fans. It’s the surname of powerful Virgin Airlines boss Richard Branson, and is also a place in Missouri.

Buster: A nickname from yesteryear, this is one of the most popular name for pooches – but don’t let this stop you giving your strong-willed bub this cute name.

Chevy: This name’s most famous owner is actor Chevy Chase. It’s a little pocket-rocket of a name, suited to a unique personality.

Clovis: Uncommon, yet beautiful, this has been the name of many kings throughout history.

Cohl: More often spelt ‘Cole’, it’s linked to legendary songwriter and composer Cole Porter.

Denzel: While famous in popular culture thanks to actor Denzel Washington, this is actually an old Cornish name.

Ezra: The strength of this Hebrew name comes from its biblical origins, with the heroic Ezra leading the Israelites out of slavery.

Fintan: Meaning ‘white fire’ or ‘white bull’, this is another name that derives it’s strength from a heroic figure. Fintan is the name of an ancient Irish saint who, legend has it, was the only person to survive the ‘great flood’.

Fletcher: While this is a common surname, Fletcher – which means ‘arrow maker’, makes an uncommon baby name. Mel Gibson played Fletcher Christian, the British mutineer in the big screen flick The Bounty.

Franklin: The name of two US presidents and one of the nation’s founding fathers Benjamin Franklin, this name is actually as sweet as it is strong.

Gage: Of French origin, this one-syllable name featured in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary (but don’t let that put you off!).

Gregor: The Scottish form of Gregory, Gregor means ‘watchman’ – a little one to watch over you.

Harland: A variation of Harlan (which means rocky land), this tough yet

Hezekiah: Meaning ‘God gives strength’, this Hebrew name has a biblical connection, and can easily be shortened to Zeke or Kiah – which are also sublime and strong.

Huxley: This name certainly has the x-factor, and the shortened version of Hux is also fetching.

JedidiahAnother strong, Hebrew moniker with biblical ties. More common is the nickname, Jed.

Jensen: A variation on a popular Danish surname, which is actually the most common surname in Denmark.

Jobe: In Australia, this name has been thrust into the spotlight by Aussie Rules footballer Jobe Watson. Yet another name of biblical origins.

Jyah: A very rare name, for a unique little one who is full of strength and character.

Kai: Hawaiian in origin, this name means sea – perfect for a little water baby.

Kairo: A variation on the place name, it exudes power.

Kingsley: Meaning ‘king’s meadow’, this regal name is the crowning glory for any new arrival.

Knox: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made this mighty moniker famous, but it’s origins lie in Scotland.

Lakeyn: Also spelt Laken or Lakyn, this unusual name seems to have started out its life as a character on the soap opera Santa Barbara in the 1980s.

Lawson: Aussies love to claim this one as their own – thanks to writer and bush poet Henry Lawson.

Lazarus: Most of us would know the name from the bible, and associate it with the man who rose from the dead.

Madden: Of Irish origins, this strong name has some celebrity roots, including being the surname of Good Charlotte band members Joel and Benji Madden.

Marquis: A noble and regal name, it describes the English rank of nobleman between Duke and count.

Mateo: This Spanish version of Matthew is far less common and beautifully strong.

Maverick: Perfect for a wild and spirited bub, made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Olijah: A much less common form of Elijah, but with no less strength.

Quade: The Latin meaning of this name is ‘born fourth’. It’s a very modern moniker for a very modern child.

Remi: Fierce with a French twist, this is a stunning name that is short and sweet to boot.

Roran: Inspired by a fictional character from the movie Eragon, who is also known as Stronghammer.

Samson: Perfect for a bright, bold little one, this name means ‘sun’.

Taariq: With its Arabic origins, and meaning ‘morning star’, this celestial name is both mysterious and bold.

Taj: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more powerful name – this three letter wonder means ‘crown’.

Talan: Very uncommon, however Australian singer Kasey Chambers did name her son Talon.

Tarquin: This Roman clan name, it’s dramatic and striking.

Theodore: Meaning ‘gift from God’, it’s had periods of popularity, but is currently quite uncommon.

Tuck: A shortened version of Tucker, this short, sharp name is full of spunk.

Vin: Short and to-the-point, Vin means ‘conquerer’, and is, of course, shared with movie star Vin Diesel.

Willis: Common as a surname but unique as a first name, it’s a thoroughly modern version of William.

Yugen: This is a Japanese word that relates to a profound awareness of the universe. Perfect for a wise little one.

Zeke: A shorter version of Ezekiel, but just as strong (and a little easier to spell).


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