Breastfeeding tattoos celebrate the bond between mum and bub

Breastfeeding tattoos celebrating mother and child bond

From the very first breastfeeding moments, something changes in us as women. For many mums, their breastfeeding journey is filled with joy as well as tears and pain, which is why so many mummas are now getting a permanent reminder of their beautiful journey.

Breastfeeding tattoos are becoming more and more common, and here are some stunning examples of mums wearing their heart on their sleeve – literally.

Courageous and colourful

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Flowers and colour represent a journey of growth and bonding.

Loud and proud

While some mums choose discreet, smaller tattoos, many wear their breastfeeding pride for everyone to see.

First ink

What an amazing statement piece for this first-time tattoo mum.

Motherhood celebrated

The tattoos aren’t just about breastfeeding, but about motherhood as a whole.

The look of love

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There’s something about staring at a breastfeeding baby that’s like nothing else.

Mother’s Day gift

Many mums choose to get their breastfeeding ink as a first Mother’s Day gift to themselves.

A beautiful rainbow

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Most of these incredible tattoos feature goddess-like images – because that’s what mums are.

Bold and beautiful

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Bright and eye-catching, the tattoos are meant to be conversation starters.

Baby wearing and breastfeeding

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Many of the tattoos also celebrate baby wearing as well as breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding bond

Whether it’s a caricature, real likeness or even a mermaid, every one of these tattoos celebrates a breastfeeding bond that’s undeniable.

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